Right whale sighting on boats in Santa Catarina in 2019

Right whale sighting on boats is allowed in Santa Catarina and season starts on August 15th

right whale-season-2019

The first right whales have already arrived on the coast of Santa Catarina and soon there will be hundreds. The novelty this season is that whale watching on boats has been released, promising a unique experience for tourists, especially in the region of Imbituba. The tours will start on August 15th and the entrepreneurs of the chain of Rosa Beach organized a partnership strategy to provide packages with good prices for tourists from Brazil and Mercosur.

According to IBF (Instituto Baleia Franca), the highest concentration of right whales in Santa Catarina it is between the second half of August and mid-October. they come to mate and breed, so the population increase reaches 12% every year. Last year, more than 250 whales were seen in the so-called Whale Route.

The entire tourism industry in Santa Catarina celebrates, as onboard tourism has been suspended since 2012, especially the pioneer in this type of observation tourism, Enrique Litman: “in the second semester, one of the attractions of tourism in Praia do Rosa is to see whales, but it is a unique experience, an indescribable emotion when observing a boat. We design everything in a responsible, sustainable and regulatory manner. We are ready and looking forward to welcoming tourists and 2019 will be a very special season.”

The group Right Whale Praia Rosa brings together 12 tourism entrepreneurs in the region in partnership with the official operator Life Sun & Sea of sighting on board. The group, along with the Right Whale Institute, will promote various awareness-raising actions with interaction between inns, restaurants and stores.

The inns are part of the group: Morada dos Sisais, Villa Gardena, Rosebud, Regina Guest House, Quinta do Bucanero, Pousada Remora, Solar Mirador, Fazenda Verde by Neco, Vida, Sol e Mar Turismo, Villa Seychelles, Morada dos Bougainvilles and the Restaurant Engenho do Mar.

Watch the video of the first right whales at Ibiraquera beach (Morlima Films Images - https://youtu.be/1y9rbJ2ME-o)

Vera Moreira - vera@veramoreira.com.br
Press Officer for Baleia Franca Praia do Rosa
(11) 3253-0586/ 99973-1474 (WhatsApp)
Photo: Morlima Films


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