Dio Disciples in Florianopolis

You have to be big to have disciples. Ronnie James Dio has undoubtedly managed to achieve this status. Proof of this is the band Dio Disciples, formed by former partners and friends of the musician, and which currently travels around the world celebrating the work of this unparalleled singer. Floripa had the honor of hosting this team on June 14, at Célula. Even before the house opened its doors, those who were outside already had a preview of what was to come, listening to the band's soundcheck. A great aperitif. At 23 pm the doors opened and the legion of fans was greeted with the most important album of the year playing in its entirety, 13 by Black Sabbath. To wet the throats a lot of cold Heineken. In fact, in my opinion, better heating sound and better beer would not fit. To the ears, practically a heavy metal resurrection. The best gift that heavy music parents could give us. For the mouth, the liquid in this green can, which in addition to being first rate, reminds me of another great name in music that recently passed away, Jeff Hanneman from Slayer. He who played a guitar with the same art as the tin, but with his last name in place. I couldn't even finish the record, the guy's friends came over to set the atmosphere on fire. Killing The Dragon was the first of a serious classic killer. For a good connoisseur, half a name of music is enough... So check out the setlist below and tell me if I'm lying.   Paying tribute to such a powerful voice is no simple task. This is probably why the band has two vocalists. Tim "Ripper" Owens rocked it! No wonder he sang in Judas Priest, temporarily replacing Rob "God of Metal" Halford. If the idea of ​​a tribute is to take fans into an experience similar to what one could have with the honoree singing, Owens has achieved the goal. Not too many personal variations on how to sing. It perfectly followed the lines given by the master in the studio.   Oni Logan also did well. But if his voice wasn't as powerful as Owens's, the looks made up for it. Looking at it from afar or without much clarity, you could say that it was Dio himself on stage.   Some songs followed with the same vocalist from beginning to end. Others were shared. The Last In Line, which has a beautiful acoustic overture, for example, was introduced by one and continued by another. All The Fools Sailed Away was sung in a duo, very competently. Pasta! It is not even necessary to comment much on the other musicians. All amazing, also paying their homage faithfully to the original format of the songs. Craig Goldy did identical, perfect solos. Scott Warren, with his fan under the keyboard, played very excited, feeling the vibe of the crowd. Bjorn Englen was spot on in the bass lines and backing vocals. Simon Wright was the one who gave his face to some songs the most. But nothing much more than slightly different drum turns. But he can... Oh, if you can. After all, he's probably the best-known member of the band. He was friends with and played with Dio for over 10 years, in addition to having recorded 3 studio albums with ACDC. The last song before the encore was Heaven And Hell, aptly lengthened, allowing those present to make a chorus that sent goosebumps on stage. The encore also featured two classic works. First, Rainbow In The Dark, with that striking and unmistakable keyboard. Then, to close the night, Tim Owens asks those present, "What do we do?" There's only one answer: "We Rock"!!! It is worth mentioning that it was not easy to bring them. It was thanks to Alexei Leão's efforts that we had the chance to see it all in our city. Better than that, just going back in time, straight to December 2, 1995, when Dio performed at New Time, in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz. I was there, and for that reason I venture a suggestion. How about a new Dio Disciples tour playing Holy Diver in full? It would be another fair celebration of the best singer who made the best heavy metal record of all time. The greatness of the work of this great master who died in May 2010 is unquestionable. The one who popularized the most classic symbol of heavy metal, the index and pinky fingers raised, will always be a reference in style. Dio Disciples, with widow Wendy Dio's blessing, pays a heartfelt and valuable tribute to fans.

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