What to do in Florianopolis for free

Knowing what to do in Florianópolis for free is an excellent option to enjoy one of the most beautiful capitals in Brazil without spending a lot on the trip.

Land of beautiful beaches, Floripa has many free attractions to enjoy pleasant sunny days; but it's not just in the summer, as there is no shortage of options on what to do in Florianópolis with rain or winter.

Ilha da Magia has museums, architectural landmarks, outdoor spaces and impressive natural beauties.

To help you plan your trip, check out this article tours in Florianopolis to do with little money, alone or with friends, in one day or for a longer itinerary, with incredible tips to enjoy the capital of Santa Catarina.

Things to do for free in Florianopolis

  1. Hercílio Luz Bridge
  2. Conceição Lagoon
  3. Florianopolis Public Market
  4. Morro da Cruz
  5. Saint Anthony of Lisbon
  6. XV de Novembro Square
  7. Metropolitan Cathedral
  8. Florianopolis Museum of Modern Art
  9. Museum of Image and Sound
  10. Customs House
  11. Córrego Grande Ecological Park
  12. Florianopolis beaches

1. Hercílio Luz Bridge

The main postcard of Florianópolis, the Hercílio Luz Bridge is a true symbol of the city, similar to what happens in many cities around the world.

So much so that in the United States there was the Silver and Fort Steuben Bridge, which were exactly the same as the Santa Catarina bridge.

Inaugurated in 1926 by the mayor André Wendhausen Júnior, it is the historic link between the island and the mainland.

The Bridge returned to normal vehicle circulation in 2020, after being inactive for almost 40 years for safety reasons.

Renovated and safe, it also welcomes tourists and locals on foot, who enjoy running, hiking and biking.

An interesting tip is to observe and take pictures of the bridge from Avenida Beira-Mar Norte; is a great idea about what to do in Florianópolis at night or even while walking along the Avenida promenade at sunset.

2. Conceição Lagoon

A good tourist itinerary in Florianópolis should include the beautiful Lagoa da Conceição, one of the most beautiful scenarios in Santa Catarina.

Located downtown, it is the largest lake in the city with 15 km²; It is perfect for bathers and also for practicing stand-up paddle and other calm water sports.

It is a place where Florianopolitans love to spend the day, whether having picnics, walking or running around the place, which also has good restaurants around.

Following your cheap itinerary in Florianópolis, make the most of your time in Lagoa and discover the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, which is one of the first in Brazil, and has original items donated by Emperor D. Pedro II.

3. Florianópolis Public Market

Tourist spots present in most large Brazilian capitals, the Public Market of Floripa is very popular in the city and a great tip about what to do in Florianópolis for free.

Also known as Mercado Central, it is a complex of commercial stalls and restaurants, which mainly reflect the local cuisine.

Upon entering the market, you will be impressed by the number of stalls with fish and seafood; after all, fishing is one of the pillars of the city's economy.

Although you can visit the place without paying anything, it is worth having a meal in the various restaurants, bars, cafeteria and fast food that it has.

You can still find craft shops, clothing and general services, such as a lottery shop.

  • Address: R. Jerônimo Coelho, 60 – Downtown.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 7 am to 22 pm; Saturday from 7 am to 14 pm (bars until 17 pm).

4. Morro da Cruz

When in Floripa, also visit the main viewpoint of the city, which provides a spectacular panoramic view.

Morro da Cruz is in the center of Florianópolis and is 285 meters high; there you can see the Hercílio Luz Bridge, an enormity of buildings and a good part of the beaches on the west of the island.

As the place is currently considered dangerous, the tip here is to visit it in a group, preferably during the day, as the night lighting is not very good.

As it is close to Shopping Iguatemi, it is a good suggestion for a route before having a meal or shopping in Florianópolis.

5. Saint Anthony of Lisbon

If you are looking for free things to do in Florianópolis and want to discover a charming and romantic place, I recommend you visit the Santo Antônio neighborhood of Lisbon.

Located 12 km north of downtown Floripa, this is a place that preserves the Azorean colonization, with architecture that refers to the colonial period.

This reference can also be seen in the streets, in the paintings, in the vases that decorate the neighborhood and, of course, in the architecture of the church. It's practically a step back in time!

With several restaurants by the sea with typical Portuguese food and other varieties, in Santo Antônio de Lisboa you will also find a very romantic beach and great for enjoying the sunset.

With several boats docking constantly, it has calm waters and a short stretch of soft white sand. It really is a stunning atmosphere.

6. XV de Novembro Square

Located downtown and close to the Florianópolis Public Market, Praça XV de Novembro is a common meeting point and an interesting program for an afternoon in pleasant weather.

As it is a beautiful square and very well located, many tourists (Brazilians and foreigners) choose it to take the photos that they will post in the city; especially those who are taking a guided tour in Florianópolis.

The main highlight of Praça XV de Novembro is the huge Figueira, a centenary and impressive tree, which you can sit on the benches under its branches.

It is very common to see families in the square, especially those traveling or with children.

7. Metropolitan Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral (Matriz Catedral de Nossa Senhora do Desterro) is another place that fits in this list of things to do in Florianópolis de Graça; after all, it is the most important church in the city.

It is located where the city's founder, Francisco Dias Velho, built a chapel in 1678 and is currently a heritage listed by the State and the Municipality.

The Cathedral is also located in the center, right in front of Praça XV de Novembro, and is a very interesting attraction for those who want to do religious tourism in Santa Catarina.

This church has a large collection of religious art. Highlight for the sculpture “Escape to Egypt”, carved in Austria and a German pipe organ.

Every year at the end of the year, a nativity scene is set up in the Cathedral that honors the birth of Jesus Christ.

If you visit this church on a Friday during the day, be sure to check out Feirarte, an open-air market that sells local handicrafts and typical foods.

  • Address: R. Padre Miguelinho, 55 – Downtown.
  • Opening hours: every day from 6 am to 12 noon.

8. Florianópolis Museum of Modern Art

The museums in Florianópolis are very interesting for those who like to do cultural itineraries. And best of all, some of them are free!

Located in the Centro Integrado de Cultura, the Museum of Modern Art of Florianópolis (Masc) has around 2.000 artistic items made by Brazilian and foreign artists as well.

The museum's idea is to represent different strands of visual arts and it also hosts seasonal exhibitions.

  • Address: Av. Gov. Irineu Bornhausen, 5600 – Agronomic.
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 22 pm.

9. Museum of Image and Sound

In the same place is located the Museum of Image and Sound of Florianópolis, which seeks to portray the history of audiovisual in Brazil.

Its collection consists of more than 10.000 vinyl records and many other sound and image capture equipment, such as various types of photographic cameras.

With its own parking lot, the museum also holds photography exhibitions and other areas that cover the audiovisual.

  • Address:  Av. Gov. Irineu Bornhausen, 5600 – Agronomic
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 22 pm.

10. Customs House

Another tip about what to do in Florianópolis de Graça is the Casa da Alfândega, which is located in Praça XV de Novembro, next to the Public Market.

It is a cultural space that houses various handicrafts, ranging from souvenirs to very beautiful works of art to buy; but you can only admire them.

Among the items, it is possible to purchase necklaces of cave paintings, bags and lace clothes, arts made in straw, miniature witches and much more!

  • Address: Praça XV de Novembro, 270 – Downtown.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 18:30 pm; Saturday from 9 am to 13 pm.

11. Córrego Grande Ecological Park

Visiting parks is always a great idea for sunny days in large capitals and, in Floripa, the best place for this activity is at the Córrego Grande Ecological Park.

It is a very interesting place to walk and admire the nature of the place, which is very well preserved.

Many Floripa residents go to the park to run and exercise; others take their children to breathe some fresh air and have fun.

  • Address: R. João Pio Duarte Silva, 535 – Córrego Grande.
  • Opening hours: every day from 7 am to 18 pm.

12. Beaches of Florianópolis

Among the main tourist attractions in Florianópolis, of course, the beaches of Ilha da Magia stand out, which are the main reasons the capital of Santa Catarina attracts so many tourists.

Obviously, you don't have to pay anything to visit them and enjoy all their beauties, so choose the one you like the most and enjoy!

  • Joaquina Beach: became famous for the quality of its waves and has been the stage of international surfing championships; the sea is clean, the strip of sand is wide. And it's not difficult to find restaurants and hotel options.
  • Campeche: located 15 km from the Center, this extensive beach is the ideal place for surfing in Floripa; in addition to having natural beauties and a very complete structure for tourists.
  • Mole Beach: another good beach for surfing, which is why it receives many young people; especially the LGBT public. The infrastructure of bars is very good.
  • International Jurerê: situated in the north of the island, it receives many tourists in the summer, so the number of hotels and places to eat is large.
  • Ribeirão da Ilha: stronghold of fishermen in Florianópolis, it has small beaches and a traditional climate in the interior of Portugal. Local restaurants are amazing.
  • Canasvieiras: it is on this beach that the best value for money hotels on the island are located; the beach has calm waters and a wide variety of restaurants.
  • Ingleses Beach: considered the best and most complete beach in Floripa to live in, it has a very extensive strip of sand and the waters are good for bathing.

Conclusion – How to walk in Florianópolis?

For those looking for what to do in Florianópolis in 4 or 5 days, for example, these free tours help a lot to make your trip cheaper.

Saving with tourist attractions, you can reserve an amount to eat well in restaurants, go to clubs in Florianópolis and also visit fantastic cities in the surroundings, such as Guarda do Embaú, Garopaba and Bombinhas.

We hope these tips help you enjoy Floripa. Good rides!


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