Sensual Massages: An Invitation to Pleasure

Increasingly popular in São Paulo, oriental techniques provide physical and emotional benefits, in addition to spicing up the relationship between couples.
Sensual Massages: An Invitation to Pleasure

Sensual massages, specifically tantric, Thai, nuru and sensitive, are increasingly becoming popular among Brazilians, due to greater access to information about them.

A good example of this expansion has occurred in the city of São Paulo, the main market for these techniques. The growth in demand is due to the benefits in the treatment of sexual and emotional dysfunctions and improvement in the quality of life. There are regional websites, such as Portal Vila Mariana, which publish a list of clinics and professionals in this field of activity. According to the portal's technical team, the site has up to 1,5 daily hits in categories that promote sensual massages, most of which come from specific internet searches, such as "spa massage".

The best known of the techniques, even for the diffusion made by the media, tantric is millenary, dating back more than 5 thousand years in the Far East. The technique stimulates the entire body, focusing on the erogenous areas. In parallel, it incorporates elements of breathing, meditation and mindfulness.

Tantric massage reduces stress, anxiety and depression, as well as boosting confidence, desire and sexual performance. It even helps to remove physical and mental blocks from its practitioners.

The nuru massage, which originated in Japan, is performed with one or more masseurs, who use a lotion made from seaweed (which gives the technique its name) and rub their body against the client's.

The idea is to get as much physical contact as possible, triggering strong tactile sensations meant to relieve stress. Massage relaxes the muscles, detoxifies the body and generates enormous sensations of pleasure.

Thai massage, in turn, has been increasingly offered in clinics and spas and by professionals who act as self-employed. It is indicated for those who want a more active option aimed at reducing and relieving pain and stress. In addition, it can help improve flexibility, circulation and energy levels.

During its application, it works the whole body from movements similar to yogic stretching. The masseuse uses the palms of the hands and fingers to apply firm pressure to the body.

Finally, the sensitive massage is characterized by the use of the fingertips, with very light movements. In practice, it can function as a kind of foreplay in tantric sex, but only if the adept is already familiar with it.

The technique elevates the waves of pleasure and the levels of endorphin, serotonin and oxytocin, linking various muscle groups in the neurological reaction. The feeling of pleasure and well-being is very strong.

Sensitive may also promote faster healing by increasing blood flow and reducing local inflammation. Anyone who has tried it knows that its benefits are lasting.


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