Differences and similarities between São Paulo and Florianópolis

Do you live in Florianópolis and are you thinking about moving to the capital of São Paulo? See here an x-ray of the two cities.

São Paulo

The butterflies in the stomach when meeting the unknown is the first obstacle that needs to be overcome when making a big decision like moving to another city. We are already used to a routine, to the services of a neighborhood, to the way we move from one place to another and, in many cases, practically the whole family lives together or close by.

It's much more cozy and comfortable to stay where you are, right? On the other hand, there are many benefits in changing the air – curiosity to get to know a new culture deeply, discover new people and find new and great professional opportunities end up motivating people of all age groups towards a new chapter.

Many people may think that the tranquility of Florianópolis makes the capital of Santa Catarina a completely distant planet from São Paulo. In this article, we will discuss what is completely different and what even reminds us of life in both cities.


How much does it cost to live in each city?

Largo da Alfândega - Center of Florianópolis

According to the “Cost of Life” platform, there is a clear balance between the two cities. If going to the supermarket is relatively more expensive in São Paulo (milk: R$ 3,27 x R$ 2,52; rice: R$ 12,40 x R$ 9,37; coffee: R$ 9,13 x R$ $ 7,07), getting around Florianópolis ends up being more expensive with the taxi costing almost twice the value offered in the capital of São Paulo and alcohol 20% more expensive.

In the case of housing, Florianópolis prevails with rent prices 25% cheaper. Renting a 2-bedroom apartment in a prime area costs on average R$2.337,50 in Floripa against R$3.641,18 in São Paulo, for example. Real estate speculation has made the prices of luxury apartments in SP rose significantly in recent years, which is a great opportunity for those looking to invest in the sector.

What if it's to talk about quality of life?

soft beach

Florianópolis has the best HDI (Human Development Index) among all Brazilian capitals. The value (0,847) is the same as that of Chile, the best-rated South American country in the ranking. The city is located on an island, with beautiful beaches at all its ends and is, above all, a tourist hub that attracts visitors who are enchanted every year by its natural beauties.

Ideal place for those looking for tranquility, away from the urban chaos, Floripa inspires its residents to live calmly and without stress. São Paulo, of course, lags behind in this regard. But surely those who live in São Paulo consider going on vacation in Florianópolis!


What if the subject is professional opportunities?

Then the point goes to São Paulo. The ninth largest city on the planet, the city is a capital of the world that lovingly harbors every kind of culture and tribe imaginable. The bubbling metropolitan region accounts for 20,9 million people and concentrates thousands of national and international companies spread across its 3.043 km².

São Paulo receives a high number of new residents every year due to its economic exuberance that generates more jobs and career opportunities than any city in the country. Living there is a unique and quite hectic experience, but it can be quieter depending on the neighborhood you choose to live in or the distance it takes every day to get to work.

Calm life or hectic routine? Beach or Bar? Surf or scooter? Both Florianópolis and São Paulo have their admirers and it is possible to say that each one was built over the years to house a specific profile of resident. And you, what moment of life are you experiencing now?


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