Supermarket with a different format opens in Córrego Grande

Hiper Select: group that prides itself on being manezinho inaugurates a new store with an innovative concept

Mobile of the inaugural campaign - Credit: Bruno Vieira and Thuany Cabral

Imagine a supermarket set in the middle of a public park, full of nature. This is the reality of the newest store in the Hyper Select, inaugurated last Thursday (02), in Córrego Grande.

The direction accepted the challenge not only to be the anchor of the first template of the neighborhood, but also to open the doors in front of Parque Linear do Córrego Grande, a unique place in Florianópolis, recently built in the neighborhood to promote integration in the midst of nature for the city's residents.

“Anyone who knows Córrego Grande knows that it is a welcoming neighborhood, with the face of cosmopolitan Floripa, very well located - between UFSC, Lagoa, Itacorubi, Santa Mônica, Pantanal and Trindade -, a selected public and at the same time with a very present traditional essence of the island, which is part of the profile of our business”, says Taynara Souza dos Santos, director of Expansion at Hiper Select.

The enterprise

In the heart of the neighborhood, the Dimas Group, responsible for the design and development of SPOTMARKT, thought of a welcoming, integrative space that would enable a modern life in harmony with nature and accessible services, close to the community. With more than 25 commercial operations on site, Hiper Select will be one of the anchors of the Mall, which will also feature a pizzeria, gelateria, pub, Portuguese cuisine, craft brewery, coffee and the only waffle franchise in Brazil, among others.

The Hiper Select Group is young, but it has already conquered a space of credibility and loyalty in the supermarket sector of Greater Florianópolis. With the recent merger between Hiper Select and Hiperbom, there are 11 stores, the majority in the South of the Island, one store in the Centre, one in Córrego Grande and one in Palhoça.


Customers can access the supermarket branch either through the main road, João Pio Duarte, or through Parque Linear, on a flowery path, with a soundtrack of different birds. An unusual experience to say the least, with a product mix of more than 10 national and international brands.


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