Tantric Massage: History, Benefits and How It's Done

Tantric massage is still a little known practice, but little by little it has been gaining more and more recognition and attention in the world of massages.

Tantric massage favors several aspects of the human being. Body and mind are enriched with this type of therapy. Because it restores the physical and mental balance that is stolen from us on a daily basis, in addition to having other benefits.

tantric massage today

As a general rule, when a person hears the word tantra, they tend to associate it with sex. However, it has much more to do with health and benefits for the human body.

In recent years, this type of massage has aroused great interest and curiosity in today's society. Tantric massages are part of an ancient philosophy of life, which emerged in the East over 4.000 years ago. During all this time, it has been perfected and adapted to new times, so that anyone who wants it can enjoy it.

The differences between erotic and tantric massage can often be a little blurry, but one thing is clear, that a good massage with a calming effect can be one of the best ways to unwind after a hard day at work and for many, it can often be. a very enriching experience.

The benefits of massages are many, as a well-executed massage can help to relax the entire body, not only by releasing the body from accumulated tension, but also because it can relieve pain that you may be carrying or suffering. (TopMassages – Relaxing Tantric Massages).

How is it performed?

There is a wide variety of tantric massages, all of which are considered “emotional healers”. In addition, they serve to enrich the affective bond with yourself or your partner, as desired.

Creating an ideal environment, in a perfect space with the right temperature and on a pleasant surface. The masseuse will begin to progressively stimulate the body of the man or woman.

Dances, caresses, frictions…

Work of breathing and stimulation increase blood flow, decrease pulses, and cement this bond with the therapist or partner.

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What benefits?

The benefits of Tantric massage encompass various aspects of the human being. So, let's list them so we can evaluate them.

• We have already said that it improves the relationship with oneself, but if it is a couple, it is proven that the bond between the members of this couple is strengthened.

• Increases libido and the desire to be stimulated, and has obvious health benefits: less fatigue, less stress and more vital energy (life energy).

• Another benefit of tantric massage is increased concentration and creativity. The relaxation during the massage is such that we are able to create an empty space in the mind, in which we will later welcome new and fresh ideas.

• Tantric massage manages to remove anxiety, providing a serenity that is reflected in day-to-day decision-making. And it favors the state of calm.

Being aware of the ego is very important to regaining balance between body and mind. That's why we should give ourselves moments of pleasure. And all for one simple reason, we deserve it.

History of tantric massage

In the early days of this technique, relaxing tantra massage was used far more often and in far more circumstances than it is in modern usage.

The main historical change that led, over time, to this decrease in its use, is due to the marginalization and degradation to which it was subjected, for purely religious reasons. In fact, with the spread of Islam, tantric practice was considered a sinful activity that led to condemnation of the soul.

Despite attempts at marginalization, tantric massage reached its historic peak of fame and diffusion around the 10th and 11th centuries AD, when it was practiced daily in regions of India. Some monks promoted its recognition and extolled its beneficial faculties, highlighting the importance of the exchange of pleasure between the male and female sex: evidently it was a practice out of time in relation to the customs of the time, so it was not able to expand its reach of influence outside. from Tibet and India, where it remained a fundamental activity.

Subsequently, the philosophy of tantric massage was divided into two major schools of thought: defined as the “Right Hand Path” and the “Left Hand Path”, also called respectively White Tantra and Red Tantra.

White Tantra and Red Tantra

The distinction of tantric philosophy was born out of the great discussion around the sphere of sexual practice.

White Tantra, with its adherents, went towards a purification of the discipline, focusing especially on the removal of the male-female relationship and the reduction of the sexual sphere, embarking on a path towards a discipline that seemed more moral, without abandoning the technique of massage.

In fact, although White Tantra wanted to abandon the relationship with the opposite sex, it never left aside the search for well-being through “pure” stimulation, through general stimulation of the body and soul.

However, the main reason remained the religious factor, since most monks were bound to chastity by their doctrine and could not in any way have an explicitly sensual relationship with the opposite sex.

Red Tantra, on the other hand, maintained the relationship between “Shiva”, the divine figure representing man, and “Shakti”, the divine figure of woman.

Red Tantra massage therefore remained a practice of mutual stimulation between man and woman, which could lead to the accumulation of positive energy, aimed at mental and physical elevation to the highest level. It should be noted that Red Tantra also exalted group relationships and unbridled contact between the two sexes: from this sexual technique derives, in fact, a large part of the erotic practices still in vogue, in the first place, the Kamasutra.

One of the fundamentals of tantric massage is to never lose contact between the person doing the massage and the person benefiting from it: the hand must always be the main conductor that connects and unites the sensations of the two bodies involved, including stimulating mental union and constant relaxation. .

Tantric massage also helps to calm the view of the world and allows you to face life with greater tranquility and without unnecessary anxieties.

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Where to find this type of massage?

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