“Feliz Aniversário” (Fête de Famille), a new feature by French director Cédric Kahn, opens on December 05th in Brazilian cinemas

The new romantic comedy written and directed by Frenchman Cédric Kahn, “Happy Birthday” (family feast), has its premiere in Brazilian commercial cinemas scheduled for December 05th. National distribution is from Imovision.  

The script for the new film is also signed by Fanny Burdino and Samuel Doux. The production of the film is by Sylvie Pialat. 

Every family is a family: brothers, cousins, nephews, mothers, fathers, grandparents. Throughout the 101 minutes of “Happy Birthday”, we are introduced to the family of Andréa (Catherine Deneuve), who, in the middle of her birthday celebration, sees things getting out of hand when her family members put out feelings that were kept. Every family has a little neurotic and normal, right?

It's a story about rapprochement and how distance can make people not know each other, acting in unexpected ways.

The film stars Catherine Deneuve, who has already been nominated for best actress in important awards such as: Oscar, BAFTA, Venice Film Festival and twice winner of the César Award - the important Cesar du Cinema, held annually in France. 

Directed by renowned French filmmaker Cédric Kahn, who also signs “The Prayer” (La prière, 2018), “The Wild Life” (Vie sauvage, 2014), “Life Will Get Better” (Une Vie Meilleure, 2011) ) between others. Cédric also stars in “Happy Birthday”, playing Vincent. Also part of the cast: Emmanuelle Bercot, Vincent Macaigne, Laetitia Colombani.

The premiere in Florianópolis is on December 05th, at the Cineshow cinema at Beiramar Shopping. The feature remains on the schedule at least until December 11.  

The complete schedule of movie theaters in Florianópolis and region can be found on the website: https://guiafloripa.com.br/

More information about the film: https://imovision.com.br/feliz-aniversario/

Publication: William S. Schütz. 

Contact by email: willianschutz@hotmail.com - William Schütz.

Images: Disclosure of the press office of the distributor Imovision.


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