Zélia Duncan – show TôTatiando


In a unique performance in Florianópolis, Zélia Duncan performs and sings with the show TôTatiando




It is impossible to leave the theater the same way you entered it, after the show TôTatiando, by Zélia Duncan. In a unique performance in Florianópolis, Zélia touched hundreds of people on the cold Saturday night (30), at the Ademir da Rosa Theater, at the Integrated Cultural Center (CIC).

The artist's satisfaction is clear and contagious, with a career already established as a singer, as she ventures into the field of performing arts, lending her voice, body and (yes!) soul to poems and songs by Luiz Tatit from São Paulo. The show is not new (it was launched in 2011, in celebration of Zélia's 30 years of career) but, for those who, like me, did not know the multiple talents of this carioca in love with the capital of São Paulo, it was a pleasant surprise.

Show TôTaiando in Florianópolis- Zélia Duncan - Guia Floripa

 TôTatiando is a tribute to Tatit, the composer who influenced the singer's artistic life, and to São Paulo, the city that "anarchized" her (in Zélia's own words), with its diverse and alternative cultural scene.

More than sharing the joy, passion, sadness and pain of Tatit's songs, it is possible to enjoy Zélia Duncan's sensation of pleasure when sharing the stage with musicians Webster Santos and Tercio Guimarães and artists starting something new, after 30 years dedicated to music. Zélia Duncan appears full on stage, performing and singing, yes, but apparently being more herself than ever.

Bianca Backes
Photos: Roberto Setton/Disclosure


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