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Why Florianópolis is a must-visit in Brazil

Hidden away about 800 km from the party city of Rio de Janeiro is a small metropolis you've been wanting to see for years! Florianópolis, or Floripa as locals know it, is safe, fun and offers many of the same exciting attractions that the largest cities in Brazil offer. And that's not to mention the unique charm that comes from this small island destination.

North Seaside Avenue

see the southern tip

In the first few hours of your island explorations, you'll see evidence of its near-universal appeal. It has something to offer all types of travelers, but it seems to keep adventurers a little closer to its heart. The southern tip in particular, while remote, offers numerous hiking trails, lush rainforest scenery and beautiful white-sand beaches.


There is something magical about the different terrains of Florianópolis. You'll see lush rainforest trails that run alongside local farms that sell delicious fresh fruit and freshly picked produce, and paths that lead you to hidden coves on the coast, past beachfront huts selling cane juice. sugar.

Walking is common in this part of Florianópolis, with the best trail choice being Naufragados. Take an early morning walk to reach Naufragados beach before the heat of the sun reaches its highest temperature.

Shipwrecked Beach

Stroll through the center of the island

Thanks to the wide availability of Wi-Fi, you can take your smartphone or tablet with you however and wherever you want. appreciate the horse racing betting that Brazil has to offer, along with many other fun things available online, can make your stay a little longer!

The center of the island (not to be confused with the Centro district, which is on the west of the island) has a hippie atmosphere, full of rustic restaurants and artistic cafes. THE Conceição Lagoon it's the center of everything and you'll have your choice of live music, nightclubs and trendy little bars. It's a great place to stay as a base as it's so easy to get north and south whenever you need to, so keep that in mind when booking your accommodation.

Lagoa da Conceição seen from Morro da Lagoa

sail north

The northern part of Florianopolis is full of designer shops, five-star resorts and world-class spas, so it's perfect if you're looking for a more luxurious break. Jurerê is the place to be, the perfect beachfront neighborhood, home to Argentina and Brazil's elite.

Beach Club in Jurerê Internacional

Find your way to Florianopolis

Florianópolis is not called Magic Island by chance. It is famous for being so full of charm, beauty and natural wonders that anyone who sets foot on the ground finds it very difficult to leave.

Stories from long ago speak of witches and witches weaving their spells over residents and visitors, and if you look closely at the stones at Praia de Itaguaçu, on the mainland of the city, you can discover the female forms of the witches who inhabited this part of Brazil before they were turned into stone!


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