Bonito (MS): The Capital of Ecotourism in Brazil

After the long period of isolation, tourism has regained strength. As a result, some destinations have become the favorites. Among them, those who have ecotourism! As handsome (MS), for example. A beautiful place, known as the capital of ecotourism in Brazil! 

Now, you may be wondering why the city is so esteemed for tourism.

Above all, because the region is rich in waterfalls, caves and lakes. As well as in the different modalities to increase the travel itinerary. Like the trails, scuba diving in crystal clear waters, zip lining, floating and much more. Therefore, the experience allows the visitor to live many adventures in a totally ecological environment. That is, in a safe and attractive way. 

To get an idea of ​​the value of ecotourism these days, how about knowing some data? Initially, a survey carried out by the traveler, a tourism agency, showed that searches for the words “tourism” and “nature” increased by up to 133%. That is, from February 2021 to February this year. Undoubtedly, this is a reflection of people's desire to be in touch with nature again. And of course, to live new experiences. Mainly in open and unrestricted areas.

Undeniably, all this is fundamental to the post-pandemic resumption, isn't it? Because the natural environment helps fight anxiety, stress, depression and other ills. In addition, it provides unforgettable moments in ecological journeys. Especially in places with several ecotourism alternatives. How beautiful, in Mato Grosso do Sul.

First of all, it is worth noting that tourism in this region is not new, see? Its success has been relevant for a long time. Especially in the mid 70's and 80's. When many people enjoyed the local nature in an “informal” way. With less security and areas yet to be discovered. 

However, over the years, Bonito gained more investments. And it also gained a new structure. This is aimed at ecological preservation, people control and greater professionalization. As a result of this, its natural charms have gained national recognition. And even international.

Therefore, currently, ecotourism in the city continues to break records. In this way, it further consolidates the title of “capital of ecotourism in Brazil”. Even so, many people wonder why this is the best destination for ecotourism. 

First of all, it is essential to take into account that ecological preservation there is taken to the letter. But how is this done? 

Well, when hiring ecotourism tours, whether for the cave, trails, etc., a study is carried out. The analysis serves to assess the environmental impact that the movement can cause. From this, it is defined how many people will be able to take part in the excursion in nature. In other words, the biggest concern is to maintain the health of the green areas. As well as making tourists aware of safety precautions and guarantees.

Furthermore, the destination also has a unique voucher. A document that the visitor presents with each tour. With this, the tourist load is monitored, investments are made in sustainability and materials. In other words, the city favors responsible tourism! Which increases the quality and capacity of ecotourism in Bonito, doesn't it?

So it's no secret that the main activities benefit ecotours. So that you can enjoy crystal clear waters, waterfalls, caves with amazing views, native animals and green scenery. 

According to Thiago Araújo, a tourism specialist in the Bonito region, “it is very difficult to choose just a few of the best ecotourism tours. Given the many opportunities that Bonito provides. But, we can highlight the floating in the Nascente Azul complex and in the Sucuri river, with transparent waters and shoals. This, without a doubt, is a special tip for those who go with the family. It also has the Ceita Corê trails, with almost 4 km full of beautiful waterfalls, for the more adventurous. In addition to the radical practices in the Ecological Park of Rio Formoso and the Lagoa Azul Cave, which is an area of ​​incomparable beauty. So, there is ecotourism for all tastes!”.

In this case, to make the most of the ecological experience, it is worth putting together a promising roadmap. And it is for this reason that the agency Roteiro Bonito MS strives to show the natural wonders of the city. In addition, the Roteiro Bonito MS agency also gathers useful information about accommodation, transport, ecotourism, guide, tours, etc. This makes your life much easier. And your trip completely solved! Count on experts to have an unforgettable trip!


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