The issue of casinos in Santa Catarina

The topic of the possible release of gambling has been talked about with great insistence in recent years. An approval was very close in late 2017, but opposition in the Senate was strong and ended up blocking the bill; the fact that 2018 is a presidential election year ended up freezing the process.

The interest is not only on the side of entrepreneurs, national and from other countries, interested in establishing gambling houses. It is also the tourism sector that demands the presence of casinos that can attract visitors from neighboring countries, and prevent Brazilian tourists from “escape” to Uruguay or Argentina to be able to play at the casino during their holidays.

Next release?

However, it is expected that the debate will return in the near future. The election of Jair Bolsonaro as President of the Republic points to a possible resolution of this issue. During the campaign period, Bolsonaro declared that, even though he was against it on principle, he would “see the best way out”. The new president feels that gambling is really a way to boost the economy, generate more jobs and income.


It is not yet known how it will face its political support among the more conservative evangelical sectors, which would naturally be against this movement, but there will certainly be opening up. After all, Mayor Marcelo Crivella himself has been receiving businessmen from Las Vegas casinos visiting Rio de Janeiro to talk about “real estate business”. It is very possible that, in the near future, Brazilians will stop playing only via the Internet, as in netbet casino, and can access physical casinos as well.

Santa Catarina's problem

It would be easy to imagine Santa Catarina with four or five casino establishments in tourist areas, which is even part of the bill being debated in the Senate. This is considered one of the priorities, more than opening slot machine rooms across the country. However, the project foresees that states with up to 15 million inhabitants can receive only one of these large casino-resorts, with a license issued by the state.

Main Candidate


Here in the touristy state of Santa Catarina, Costão do Santinho would be an obvious candidate. For its history, for its size, for its location in the capital, and mainly for the fact that it has been working for several years to receive a large casino, when possible. It would not be surprising if, at the time of presenting the results of the contest that will inevitably take place, Costão do Santinho announces itself as the casino of Santa Catarina.

And the rest of the state?

But is it fair for Balneário Camboriú, for example, that Santa Catarina can receive only one of these large tourist establishments allowed by law? Knowing that our state has a unique tourist potential, which currently receives a significant number of visitors from Argentina and Uruguay, due to its proximity to these countries, it would not be necessary to review this process and allow the southern states to have other “weapons” to captivate tourism?

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