Living in Floripa – The most sought after neighborhoods on the island

North Seaside (Pixabay)

Considered one of the best cities to live in, Florianópolis draws attention for its nature and quality of life.

Florianópolis is known as the Magic Island, going beyond paradisiacal beaches and wonderful places. However, the city is not limited to that, what arouses the interest of new residents is the good quality of life. 

The city has low crime rates and great job options in various sectors of economy, tourism and technology. Being the second most populous city in Santa Catarina, with more than 500 thousand inhabitants, there are several possibilities and conditions of excellent neighborhoods to live in. You can find houses and apartments in Florianopolis to fall in love.

Affectionately called Floripa by tourists and residents, it is a modern city with excellent infrastructure for leisure, tourism and housing. Therefore, it is important to get to know the city and its contrasts better.

Discover the most sought after neighborhoods in the capital of Santa Catarina:


The Agronomic neighborhood has become one of the most sought after neighborhoods, due to its culture, ease and appreciation. Located between the city center and the Trindade neighborhood, it offers schools, banks, hospitals, leisure options, the Santa Catariana Museum of Arts (MASC) and the Integrated Cultural Center (CIC) among other entertainment options. It is a neighborhood with complete infrastructure and, therefore, one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Floripa.

Due to the ease of access and meeting all the needs of the population, it becomes an ideal neighborhood for students and families with children, offering a place with a bike path and spaces for exercises.


Much of the history of the island and its peculiarities can be found in the Downtown District of the city, the neighborhood was named downtown precisely because it was the foundation of the city. For those who want and enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy neighborhood, you'll find it all there. With shops, markets, bars and restaurants it is the ideal place to find anything.

Located in the western part of the island, the neighborhood has points such as the Metropolitan Cathedral and Praça XV de Novembro. As it is a busy neighborhood, you can expect congested traffic and many people enjoying the late afternoon.

Jurerê International

There is no one who knows the place and is not impressed. With beautiful beaches, the neighborhood uses an excellent infrastructure, which only adds to the choice for housing. Being an upscale neighborhood, it offers diversified commerce, schools, restaurants and high quality shows.

Located in the northern part of Ilha da Magia, making access to other beaches in the north of the city much easier. The region is one of the most famous and internationally known, as its name suggests. Sought after by celebrities and families who value comfort, luxury and nature. Considered one of the safest neighborhoods, there are even houses without walls.


Located in the south of the island, the neighborhood is known for its modernity, technology and nature in harmony. With its infrastructure, it attracts tourists, as it is considered the point of many surfers. Appointed as one of the best neighborhoods to live in, it has restaurants, schools, gym, health service, cultural and commercial centers, and is close to the airport.

As houses for sale in Campeche arouse great interest, as it is a quality neighborhood with the beach and a library set up with the encouragement of residents. And for nature lovers, this is the ideal neighborhood.


The neighborhood of Ingleses is one of the most populous neighborhoods in Floripa, being also one of the best to live. Located on the famous Praia dos Inglês, with warm, blue waters. 

The beaches are beautiful, and you can also enjoy the trails and the dunes. There is a wide variety of houses and apartments for sale in the UK and the neighborhood offers excitement for those who like it and peace for the quieter residents.

Containing a good commercial structure, such as restaurants, bars, pharmacies and supermarkets, the neighborhood meets all the needs of the people.

Conceição Lagoon 

For those who like to be in contact with the sea, Lagoa da Conceição is a small and very popular neighborhood in Florianópolis. Those who live in the region flatter it for its beauty, but also for being a tourist spot sought after by visitors to the island. With the largest circulation of people, the neighborhood has strong commerce with many bars and restaurants, nightclubs and other entertainment around the place. 


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