Audience applauds and asks for an encore at the concert by soprano Mariana Mihai

mariana-mihai-pro-musicPhoto: Talita / Pró-Música The select audience who attended the "Ensemble-New York" gave a standing ovation at the end of the show and asked for an encore. Promoted by Pró-Música de Florianópolis, the concert took the renowned Romanian-American soprano Mariana Mihai to the stage of the Pedro Ivo Theater, accompanied by the American clarinetist Garrick Zoeter and the pianist from Santa Catarina, Guilherme Amaral. The program, with a level for top houses in São Paulo and other world capitals that receive top music artists, featured a creative mix of various musical genres and styles. From classics to Romanian folklore, MPB, themes from Cinema Paradiso and O Phantom of the Opera, Tico-tico no Fubá on piano - and a separate show by the American clarinetist. The audience expressed enthusiasm throughout the show, applauding with each melody. Versatile singer, with a voice that is not common among sopranos, Mariana Mihai covered all styles with great mastery. For the president of Pró-Música Florianópolis, pianist and teacher Neyde Borges Coelho, the audience surprised in quantity and applause. “It was a memorable night in the trajectory of the 46 years of our entity, created by volunteers and integrated by true music lovers”, emphasizes Neyde, announcing for October, the month in which the 46th anniversary of Pró-Música will be celebrated, the presentation der “ Chansons”, a beautiful and attractive panorama of French music from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, with scenic direction and setting by Antônio Cunha. “More details will be announced soon”, says Neyde, very happy with the great public and critical repercussion on the "Ensemble-New York". Pro-Music Aldo Grangeiro


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