Photographic exhibition in Brasilia uses proceeds to protect right whales off the coast of Brazil

The Brasília Museum of Art (MAB) hosts a photographic exhibition that portrays the mysteries of the oceans and is available to the public until February 26th. Authored by the Italian Luca Crudeli, the exhibition 'Soul do Mar' brings together 31 images of the photographer and diver. “This is the result of 20 years of expeditions in countries such as Brazil, Egypt, Mozambique, Tanzania, Indonesia and the United States, among others”, summarizes Crudeli.

One of the objectives of the endeavor is to raise funds for the ProFRANCA project, developed in Santa Catarina by the Australis Institute. The organization brings the legacy of a Research Program that since the 1980s has focused on the preservation and monitoring of right whales in southern Brazil, where, between July and November, the giant mothers arrive at the ideal place to generate and care for their calves. .

In addition to the possibility of visiting the exhibition in loco, it is also possible to check out the images and also purchase them on the website

The result is, firstly, a result of Crudeli's concern with the conservation of the seas and their importance for the future of humanity. His diving trips are always guided by the need to document marine species threatened with extinction due to the increase in ocean temperatures.

The exhibition 'Soul of the Sea; curated by photographer Fabrício Zago, produced by Cris Malheiros and supported by the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the Government of Brasília.

The ProFRANCA project, which is sponsored by Petrobras and the Federal Government, promotes the monitoring of the species in flyovers, on land and through on-board research, carrying out a population census, photo-identification of individuals and studies on occurrence, habitat use and food. In parallel, it develops environmental education and sustainability actions, revealing the importance of preserving the coastal environment, together with coastal communities.

The artist - Luca Crudeli is an economist, photographer and diving instructor. He was born in Bologna (IT) and has lived in several countries working for international organizations. He currently lives in Brasilia with his family. He has published books and exhibited on several continents.

ProFRANCA - Austral Franca Project - is carried out by the Australis Institute and is sponsored by Petrobras and the Federal Government, through the Petrobras Socioenvironmental Program.

To learn more: and @institutoaustralis.


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