Why Brazilians Love Crash Games: The Study Behind Their Popularity

Os crash games have popped up at online casinos recently and apparently they are here to stay. This is what a study by KTO points out about the phenomenon of instant category casino games.

Unlike versions already established in casinos, such as roulette and blackjack, for example, instant games - also called crash games - allow the player to have more control over how much they can win in each round.

This does not mean that whenever the player has fun in instant games he will win. But the ease of playing it and the high multipliers - as well as other features - seem to have caught the attention of Brazilians.

Six out of ten games are in the crash category

After a long study of your games crash, KTO found that 6 out of 10 games played at their online casino are instant style. Furthermore, 2 out of 3 players have tested their luck at least once in a game of this style.

This popularity was evident not only inside the KTO casino, but outside as well. This is because the data from the end of 2022 acquired from the Google Search Console highlighted by the study of this online casino showed that there were more than 1 million searches for terms related to only 1 of the games crash - the Aviator.

Aviator, game of the little plane, game of the betting plane and many other terms are used by Brazilians who want to find one of the most popular crash games - a great example to understand why this style of play is so popular with Brazilians.

In Aviator - a game created by Spribe - the player makes a bet before the plane takes off. When the plane takes off, it starts counting the player's bet multiplier. If the player resolves his bet before the plane flies away, he wins the bet amount multiplied by the number that appears on the screen.

The ease of explanation of the little plane game helps to understand why so many players look for this option in reliable casinos on the internet. On KTO alone, this game accounted for approximately 30% of that site's turnover - according to the study.

Other games allow diversification in player experience

Due to the fact that crash games having gained a lot of popularity in the online casino gaming scene recently, several gaming providers have decided to invest in this category over the last few years.

Far beyond Spribe's Aviator, games like:

  • Spaceman from Pragmatic Play;
  • SmartSoft Gaming's JetX;

These are some of the options that Brazilians can find in kto.com/en/casino/crash-games/ to know a little more about this category of casino games. After all, nothing better than practice to test how these games really work.

The arrival of new instant category casino games has brought even more popularity to crash games. This is because the diversity of options allows the player to know each game and test its different features.

According to data from the KTO study, the launch of XGames by SmartSoft Gaming, for example, were a success throughout the year-end 2022. In November of that year alone, FootballX, for example, recorded more than 60% sessions - a high number compared to other casino games offered by KTO.

Not to mention that the number of queries for the embaixadinha game was also extremely high during this period, and it does not seem to be a trend with a peak that will last a short time.

Online casino tends to gain even more popularity

The KTO study highlighted the popularity of just one of the many categories that exist in an online casino. Currently, game providers invest in innovations so that the player's experience over the internet is the best possible.

Insofar as Brazil is moving towards the legalization of gambling and the installation of casinos and bingos in its territory, the expectation is that this entertainment category will gain even more popularity among Brazilians.

This is designed based on the fact that Brazilians will play in real casinos spread across the territory of Brazil. At the same time, they will be able to have fun in internet casinos while not in a real casino.

Not to mention the fact that online casino games allow the player to test strategies and see which one is the most interesting. In the case of crash games, they will remain the darlings of Brazilian players for a while - according to estimates.

Therefore, nothing better than taking advantage of this moment and testing how these games work in practice so that, when new games appear, take advantage of the developments that the service providers crash games are preparing for the coming years.


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