The 8 Best Men's Perfumes to Buy in 2022

Men are increasingly vain and in love with perfumes. Perfume is an identity and perfumed people are always remembered. But what is the best perfume? How to choose a good male perfume and which ones are on the rise?

How to choose the perfect perfume

There are so many options on the market that it is often difficult to choose the perfect perfume.

For starters, every skin reacts to a scent differently, so even if you smell a scent and like it on someone else, you need to test it to see if it will work on your skin.

Perfumes have several notes, the most common in men's perfumes are woody notes, so what makes all the difference are the other complementary notes. For Brazil, perfumes that contain fresh woody notes along with citrus and aromatics are the best options.

With this, it is up to the person to understand their personality and also the climate, since a perfume can be perfect for winter and can end up being too strong for summer. This balancing and testing must be done. Therefore, the most common thing is to have two perfumes, one for when it is hot and another for when the weather is colder.

Another tip is to check if the package says Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette. The so-called Eau de Parfums are the perfumes with more essence in their composition, while the Eau de Toilettes are lighter, with only 8 - 10% essence. The difference is that with this, the Eau de Parfum lasts much longer on the skin than the Eau de Toilette and is also more concentrated. So, this is already an important step to keep in mind since those who want something lighter can buy Eau de Toilette which will achieve a good result, perfect for the summer and those who want something more durable and strong can choose the version Eau de Parfum.

Best men's perfumes of 2022

Despite what many people think, national perfumes are very good and many even beat famous brands from abroad. Therefore, we will list the best men's perfumes national and international so that everyone can easily access them.


L'acqua di Fiori thief - This perfume is not very well known and is very fresh. It is ideal for very hot days, where the most woody scents can weigh you down. The perfume has fruity and green notes, in addition to woody.

Zaad Vision from O Boticário - Zaad Vision is very famous but it's not that 'everyone uses' perfume. The scent is more closed, perfect for winter and colder climates. If your city is not cold, it is a good option to use at night. Despite having tangerine, the main notes are labdanum, guaiac wood and amber.

Eudora's Club 6 - This perfume is suitable for summer because it is woody with citrus and mint notes.

International transactions

Bleu by Chanel Paris - It's a very famous perfume and each person behaves in a unique way. The scent is striking but not suffocating. It is perfect for several occasions and those who use Bleu will hardly change their perfume. It is woody aromatic but also has citrus notes and a potent aromatic.

Sauvage by Dior - Sauvage has unique notes that even include exotic peppers. The perfume is suitable for mid-season and cold weather. It's perfect for anyone who wants to be remembered for the scent because it contains something of mystery.

Aqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani - This perfume was made to be used on several occasions. It is the most fruity on the list and one of the best sellers in the world. It matches most skins and lasts a long time. Perfect for the whole year.


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