Folianópolis 2013

First Night of Folianópolis featured the farewell of Bell Marques, from Chiclete com Banana, and a show by Cláudia Leitte. The first night of Folianópolis brought together hundreds of micareteiros. About 15 people from different states went to witness the farewell of Bell Marques do Chiclete com Banana, and the concert by Claudia Leitte in charge of the party's electric trio. To open the night, Folianópolis recounted the contagious joy of Santa Catarina singer Diana Dias. During her participation, she called to the stage Bruna Góes, participant of the program The Voice Brasil, with whom she did some duets. Soon after the trio of the singer from Santa Catarina, Bell Marques o Chiclete com Banana took over the party and staged a performance that will go down in the history of the event.

Folianópolis 2013 - Gum with Banana

  Around one in the morning when the singer Claudia Leitte took the stage of the electric trio. With the song “Extravasa”, it was just the beginning of the presentation that went beyond three in the morning. In the middle of her participation, Claudinha surrendered to the talents of the island and called Diana Dias and Bruna Góes for some duets that did not leave anyone still. In addition, Claudinha said that she loved the atmosphere at Folianópolis and hopes that this will be the first of many participations in the event. Despite all the joy, all the party atmosphere and animation, we were very disappointed with the organization, which tried to take us out of the event - believe me - because we were DANCING on the dance floor. I, Bianca, was forced to stay inside the cabin. They told me clearly: “Whoever is working cannot be enjoying it”. So does that mean I need to dislike the event to work on it? I was very negatively surprised. I stayed for another ten minutes and left.

On the second day I didn't go to work and I managed to enjoy it very, very much. The day most people were talking about being weaker surprised me. He was very excited with the show of Asa de Água and the unforgettable hits “Quebra aê”, “Vale Night” and even the famous “Dança do Vampiro”. The show went down in Folianópolis history and ended around 1:30 am. Folianópolis 2013 - Claudia Leitte Then came Saulo Fernandes, who sang songs from his new DVD, Saulo Ao Vivo, but of course he did not fail to present those from the time of the band Eva. Diana Dias sang with Saulo the song “Vagabundo Confesso”, by the Santa Catarina band Dazaranha, and also the song “Se Você For”, a song composed by musician Chico Martins and recorded by Diana and Saulo. On Saturday Ivete Sangalo took everyone off the ground and even sang "Baba Baby" with Kelly Key. Ivete took breaks to show her love for Folianópolis and its audience. She also congratulated actor Reynaldo Gianecchini, who was in one of the boxes at the event celebrating his birthday. Closing the revelry, the singer Tomate performed, the most alternative of all. The singer mixes several rhythms to the main popular parties in Brazil. The singer said he had a dream come true to see the proportion that the Folianópolis event gained. With a lot of excitement and not wanting to end the show, Tomate sang until almost 5 am. An impeccable show. Bianca Werner and Marina Rosa Bittencourt / Photos: Bianca Werner, Marina Rosa Bittencourt and David Collaço


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