App to find nannies can help parents in Florianópolis

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Finding a reliable and experienced nanny who can give attention and take care of your children is getting more difficult every day and this makes working life a real stress.

Not all of them have families close by to take care of their children and also many cities do not have a number of daycare spaces that serve the population.

The solution to this problem, however, already exists on the internet. It is an application called Sitly, created by Jules van Bruggen in 2009 in the Netherlands. Its creation is due exactly to the need found by the creator to solve a problem that he and his wife faced at the time because there were no vacancies in daycare centers in their city. So the alternative was to hire a nanny.

Although the solution was to hire this service, even that was not easy to solve.

The company started operating in 2012 with a small team and offering the service of nannies with reference and experience in the profession. Today Sitly is present in 14 countries in Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.

Even in Brazil, if you access the site, it is possible that you will find a nanny in florianopolis right now.

Registration in the application is free for both parents and nannies.

XNUMXst step

Once you have the app downloaded, register and set up your profile.

You can even add more details to the profile such as specifying what times you usually need a nanny, details about your children such as age and others, extra tasks that the nanny must perform and other information.

Meet the nannies

Once you've signed up for Sitly, you'll have access to the profiles of all the nannies serving your region.

The app allows you to chat live with the babysitter you are interested in. It will tell you the days available in your schedule, the amount to be charged, the jobs you can do and answer any other questions you may be interested in. The demand for nannies has grown even in the pandemic, as well as the supply of professionals.

There are nannies who only take care of children of a certain age, others who are willing to cook, help with schoolwork, drive...

In the profile of each one of them, it will be possible to see all the tasks that each one of them is able to perform.

The nanny's references will be available so that you can find out from other people that she has worked with and there is even the possibility of observe the profile of the chosen nanny on social networks to learn more about their behavior. All in the name of the safety of everyone involved.

To make your search for a nanny more objective, you can apply filters such as the amount you want to pay, age, if you can drive and other points of interest.

Sitly's function is to indicate a list of nannies that can meet your region or the type of need of each one. The decision to choose a nanny depends solely on the parents.

Today, Sitly has more than 450 registered families and nannies, reaching more than 520 Brazilian municipalities.


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