How to write a critical review about your trip

Traveling is one of the most exciting parts of life. Likewise, this experience has the potential to be a fascinating topic for your essays.

Writing a critical travel review takes creativity. Travel is full of events that are extraordinary in their nature, as well as dramas and cultural discoveries.

So there's no need to make things up or come up with wild ideas while you're writing this type of review.

However, as easy as it may seem, turning a travel experience into written text can be a little challenging.

If you've never read any travel review or don't have enough time to write yours, you can get your essay quickly by using the writing services available online.

However, here are some practical guidelines to help you with this task, find out how to do a critical review sensational.


Select your favorite city

Sometimes a trip is made explicitly to collect information for a review. If this is your case, take the time to choose your destination carefully.

Do some research before deciding on the city you are going to visit, read about various regions and see which ones inspire you the most.

Your task here is to share useful information with people and involve them in your journey.

If you can't enjoy your own trip, how can you let other people have fun while reading the story? Therefore, it is essential to choose a destination that you are interested in.

Choose some attractions

Cities usually have several tourist attractions. If you tried to include all the places you visited on this trip, your text would be a boring list of attractions that can be found elsewhere.

Instead of mentioning multiple sights, focus on two or three places and provide detailed information about them. Also, you can mention beaches, bars and talk about nature the location.

Another point is that famous attractions are not suitable choices for your writing as almost everyone knows the basic information about these places.

Focus on unfamiliar places, remembering that people want to hear about something they've never heard before.


Write a compelling first paragraph

The first paragraph is usually the most important. It's where you convince readers that you've had an amazing journey - one that has something new to teach your audience and is worth reading.

Start with an unusual tradition you witnessed, an interesting dialogue you had, or a cultural misunderstanding you faced during your journey.

Use your sense of humor and be as innovative as you can.

Show instead of tell

'Showing' is what makes the difference between a boring critical travel review and an excellent one.

When you show something with your words, you actually describe what you experienced in full detail.

However, when you say something, it's as if you're just giving a brief account of what you've done.

Readers won't understand what an amazing park, fabulous road, or fantastic building means unless you show them. Showing makes readers feel like they were there with you.

So don't just tell where you went. Instead, add specific descriptions of that place, talk about your feelings, and paint an imaginary picture of that space in your readers' minds.



Travel is full of new experiences. Sometimes a short trip offers a handful of stories to tell your future grandchildren.

They have a lot to teach us and therefore a lot to talk about. So why not use them as a subject for writing?

The next time you're searching online for “interesting topics to write my essay,” think back to your travel experiences and bring everything you can remember down on paper.

Then google some “help tips for writing my essays” to learn the main guidelines for writing a critical travel review.


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