Astronomy professor at UFSC launches book that brings together stories and reflections

On December 14th, Adolfo Stotz Neto will present the work "Por Pensamentos Palavras e... Prosas"; the event will be at Quiero Café, in the center of Florianópolis

Memories, reflections and narratives come together to set the tone for the engineer and astronomer's most recent literary work, Adolfo Stotz Neto. Entitled "By Thoughts Words and... Prose", the book will be released on December 14th, Thursday, at I want coffee, located in the Center of Florianópolis. The event will start at 19pm. 

The launch will be an opportunity for the public to purchase the work and interact with the author. And to make this date even more special, a sparkling wine toast will be offered to everyone present.

"Por Pensamentos Palavras e... Prosas" is a compilation of short stories and chronicles with autobiographical touches, in which Adolfo Stotz reveals everyday situations in an engaging way and guides the reader through stimulating narratives. His stories are capable of capturing the essence of life and awakening deep reflection on the experiences that shape our existence.

“My literary production process is to describe stories that are real with touches of fantasy, adding reflections on life and the universe”, highlights Adolfo.

The book is the result of careful collaborative work. The review and graphics processes were carried out, for example, by the communicator Cao Hering. The journalist Marta Bertelli served as editorial assistant, while the artist Kiko Stotz was responsible for the cover. Finally, the layout was the responsibility of Advertising Orbit.

It is worth mentioning that Quiero Café is located at Rua Dom Jaime Câmara, 118, on the corner of Av. Prof. Othon Gama D'Eça, right in the center of Florianópolis. 

Entry is free, as is participation in all activities. Books can be purchased on site for a special launch price. Consumption of items on the menu is optional. 

Literary trajectory

Adolfo Stotz has been building a story in the literary world for years. "Por Pensamentos Palavras e... Prosas" is the fourth book, coming after “Céu Ilha” (2010), “A horse without a name” (2016) and “Chronicity” (2022). In addition to these titles, the author has collaborated with several newspapers, magazines and academic productions. 

“Whatever time in life I remember, I was always writing. I've written in newspapers, magazines and I have a lot of history as a person who writes. But it is not a deterministic process, nor a formal process. It happens and continues to happen daily”, says Stotz. 

About the Author

In addition to being a writer, Adolfo Stotz Neto is also a renowned engineer and astronomer. Born in Blumenau, he has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), and worked for years as an engineer at Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina (Celesc). 

Another highlight in his career is the fact that he was the founder of the Astronomy Study Group (Gea), of which he has been president since 1985. Based at the UFSC Planetarium, the GEA aims to bring astronomical science closer to people, especially those who normally do not have access to this privilege. Furthermore, Adolfo Stotz Neto is an astronomy professor in extension courses at UFSC and advisor to the Associação Parque Viva a Ciência.


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