What is the price of Quina? Understand the cost of playing the lottery

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Maybe you don't like playing the lottery, you think it's a waste of time and money, but knowing a little more about the details of Quina, a modality older than the Mega-Sena, end up getting excited and decide to do a little feat. Did you know that it's much easier to hit Quina than Mega? And does it cost less than half the price for each bet?

The Brazilian lottery has about 10 game modes and each one is different from the other, with the possibility of very different hits. Quina is one of the most popular, each single bet costs only R$ 2,00 and it is drawn every day of the week, with the exception of Sundays and holidays.

The rules are also very simple, just tick 5 numbers out of 80 available on each ticket and hope that they are chosen in the daily draw. It is possible to mark up to 15 tens, paying the equivalent of the number of possible combinations with this option. Know the value of Quina with each extra number:

Tens - Price

5 -  R$ 2,00

6 -  R$ 12,00

7 -  R$ 42,00

8 -  R$ 112,00

9 -  R$ 252,00

10 -  R$ 504,00

11 -  R$ 924,00

12 -  R$ 1.584,00

13 -  R$ 2.574,00

14 -  R$ 4.004,00

15 -  R$ 6.006,00

All money raised by the lottery is divided into quotas, obligatorily.

  • 43,35% for the general award;
  • 19,13% operating costs;
  • 17,32% for social security;
  • 9,26% for public safety;
  • 3,46% for sports;
  • 2,92% for culture;
  • 1% for federal prisons;
  • The rest goes to football clubs, Olympic and Paralympic sport

As can be seen, the lottery ends up serving various social services in the country, becoming not only a way of making people have the possibility of a slightly fairer income sharing, but also in the social promotion of society as a whole. There is no futility in lottery operations.

I want to play, what do I need to do

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In addition to the traditional lottery, for some time now, players have been able to play their games using internet sites and applications. Bet without having to leave your home, face queues or spend a penny more on transportation or parking. It's very easy and safe.

The person chooses the site of their choice – there are several and some international ones offer the possibility of placing bets even on games from other countries, with prizes in dollars or euros – they register, with personal documentation and bank accounts, to receive the money in your account, without bureaucracy.

To pay for their choices, the player can choose between the already established pix, the bank slip or the traditional credit card. You can also load your registration with a balance and play little by little, for a long time. It is very practical, it is up to each person to choose how they will bet.

Lottery companies also offer their players the opportunity to participate in group bets, already consecrated by the nickname “bolão”. There are those already ready, with several games, some with tickets filled with extra numbers, or the person can organize his own and place the bet online.

The chances of hitting the numbers using a lottery are infinitely greater than if the person decides to play alone. It is possible to participate in several sweepstakes, organize yours and, at the same time, place a personal bet, only yours. Everything will be at your discretion. Put your fears aside and play a little game to find out and start investing in this dream.


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