Kristen Stewart plays actress Jean Seberg in the biopic “Seberg Against All”, which opens at Cinemulti

Actress Kristen Stewart, known for the character Bella Swan in the "Twilight" saga and for her roles in "Café Society" and "Charlie's Angels", returns to cinemas playing the famous French actress Jean Seberg. In the biopic, "Seberg Against All" (Seberg), which premieres in two times on cinemulti, Multi Open Shopping – at 13:10 pm and 19:30 pm. Kristen plays the artist who, at the height of her career, when she arrives in the United States, sees her life change. Upon approaching an activist and beginning to publicly defend the Black Panthers, Jean begins to be investigated by the FBI.

Still in the week of March 05th to 11th, they are still showing in the first movie theater in the South of the Island and the first in the country to receive payment in bitcoins, the dramas "You were not here" (Sorry We Missed You), at 17:30 pm and "The Price of Truth" (Dark Waters), which brings in the cast names like Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway and Tim Robbins, at 15:10 pm. Already the winner of the Oscar 2020, "Parasite" (P), continues on at 21:30 pm.

Cinemulti is located at Multi Open Shopping, in Rio Tavares. Tickets from Monday to Wednesday cost R$ 20 for the full amount and R$ 10 for a half (upon proof for seniors, students and teachers upon proof), from Thursday to Sunday and holidays the price is R$ 25 and R$ 12,50 .XNUMX for half price. Payment can be made in cash, card (credit and debit) or with bitcoin.

Check out the full schedule from March 05th to 11th:

"Seberg Against All" (biography/drama) – sessions at 13:10 pm and 19:30 pm:
Synopsis: Paris, 1968. Actress Jean Seberg (Kristen Stewart) is at the height of her popularity, thanks to the success of several films shot in France. Upon arriving in the United States, she soon becomes involved with civil rights activist Hakim Jamal (Anthony Mackie), whom she met while on the flight. Jean soon takes a stand for the Black Panthers and becomes one of the movement's backers, while she maintains an affair with Hakim. Such a situation is closely monitored by the FBI, which maintained a surveillance program to break up and expose the Black Panthers. Among the agents assigned to spy on her is Jack Solomon (Jack O'Connell), who begins to rebel when the FBI launches a defamation plan against the actress.

"The Price of Truth" (biography/drama) – session at 15:10:
Synopsis: Robert Bilott (Mark Ruffalo) is a corporate defense attorney who has gained prestige working on cases for large chemical companies. When a rancher draws his attention to livestock deaths that could be linked to a major corporation's toxic waste, he embarks on a fight for the truth, a court case that lasts for years and jeopardizes his career, his family and his future.

"You were not here" (drama) – session at 17:30:
Synopsis: After the 2008 financial crisis, Ricky and his family find themselves in a precarious financial situation. He decides to acquire a small van, intending to work with deliveries, while his wife struggles to maintain the caretaker profession. However, informal work does not bring the promised reward, and family members gradually become pitted against each other.

"Parasite" (dramatic suspense) – session at 21:30 pm:
Synopsis: Ki-taek's entire family is unemployed, living in a cramped, dirty basement. A work of chance causes the teenage son of the family to start teaching English lessons to the girl from a wealthy family. Fascinated by the luxurious life of these people, father, mother, son and daughter come up with a plan to also infiltrate the bourgeois family, one by one. However, the secrets and lies necessary for social ascension will cost everyone dearly.

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