How to avoid WhatsApp distractions while studying? Practical tips!

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Maintain concentration when studying is a complex task with the quality of interruptions from applications. Learn how to avoid WhatsApp distractions.

One of the most difficult missions today is to avoid WhatsApp distractions. Due to high connectivity, it is very common for people Take a good part of your time to respond to messages.

Much has been discussed about the harm caused by instant messaging applications, and social networks. Especially when Topics such as focus and anxiety generated are covered.

Tasks that require a high level of concentration become even more difficult to carry out due to the interruptions generated by the receiving notifications.

However, some very practical tips can help mitigate the effects and avoid distractions from WhatsApp.

Control the Notifications 

If the main cause of interruptions in studies are notifications that arrive, the first step to avoiding distractions from WhatsApp is silence them all.

This feature, in addition to being easy to implement, allows disable general notifications for the app, a specific contact, or groups.

There are some means of this control, including the messaging application provides this function. To mute a specific person or group, access the conversation and select the mute option. AND You can choose different deadlines, from 8 hours, 1 week and forever.

Another way is to silence all app notifications. To do this, just go to settings, notifications and remove the options that are selected. This way, when receiving messages, the device does not will not present any manifestation.

And rest assured that this is just one way to avoid WhatsApp distractions, no message or file is lost.

In fact, you can use the Wondershare MobileTrans to back up files to your computer or migrate information from one device to another, ensuring that no important data will be lost.

The backup feature is especially useful for those who shares many files via WhatsApp, such as ebooks, books and articles. With With a practical action, you avoid losing information.

Furthermore, currently, both Android and iPhone have a kind of device configuration profile that can be automated.

In other words, the user creates a filter for study in which, when activated or at specific times, notifications will be blocked on the device.

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Archive messages from insistent contacts

There are contacts who are quite insistent, and when inconvenienced, they continue sending messages. This is the case of fake WhatsApp numbers, or salespeople, for example.

For those cases where blocking may be an alternative even worse, since another number will appear with new offers, the best thing is to archive the messages.

With this function, messages are saved in a folder "Files". Then the conversation does not appear in the application's initial list. 

And if that contact sends a new message, the conversation remains archived.

This practice is very useful for those who want to avoid WhatsApp distractions. After all, the conversation remains “hidden” and without interfere in the daily lives of those who need to concentrate on their studies.

Remove the settings read and last seen

Although they may seem harmless, the read receipt, the famous blue lines, and what was seen last generate a feeling of urgency.

It may seem contradictory at first, but the fact that it is not obliged to respond to the message because you have already read it or been online, it is a Great way to avoid WhatsApp distractions.

Receiving this reading certificate is also important for deleted whatsapp messages, as it avoids piquing curiosity in knowing what the person sent and regretted.

For this tip, go to settings, account and privacy. So, just disable the “last seen” and “read confirmation” options.

This setup is a two-way street. That is, when disable the option, you will also not be able to know whether the message was displayed. 

Have a usage limit of the application

Technology is a great connectivity resource, however, you need to know use your smartphone in a healthy way.

It is not uncommon for us to lose track of the time because we are talking to a friend or scrolling through your social media feed. 

To avoid this practice, limiting the use of applications is an effective way to avoid WhatsApp distractions.

The user himself includes the weather, websites and applications that want to limit. When this daily time is reached, notifications do not arrive to the user. This allows for greater focus on a specific activity, such as studies.

In addition to helping to avoid distractions from WhatsApp, the function shows the time spent on each of the listed apps.  

This configuration is so important that it was named Android, like Digital Wellbeing. To activate it, just go to settings, digital wellbeing, screen time and setting goals. Or, on timer applications, to establish a specific time for WhatsApp.

On the iPhone, you will need to access settings, usage time and application limits.

Balance is everything!

Although valuable, creating many deprivations to avoid WhatsApp distractions can have the opposite effect. Furthermore, maintain the attention and concentration for a long time, especially when studying, is a task difficult.

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To stay active in your studies, try to do small relaxation breaks and mental exercises. 

Create a study routine by stipulating objectives to be reached and the execution time limit. When you reach it, take a short break to refresh your head and absorb new knowledge.

During this time, take the opportunity to go to the bathroom, have a snack, breathe fresh air or sunbathe. You can also use a portion of your time to use your cell phone and access your applications – even those mobile games that everyone has on their smartphone!

With this kind of balance it is completely possible study, stay connected with friends and, at the same time, avoid distractions of WhatsApp in specific periods.


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