How to attract guests on Instagram: 4 Practical Tips for your Hosting

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It has never been so easy to publicize a hotel or inn as it is today on social media, isn't it? So it is! And it's nice to have a great tool like Instagram. A photo and video network that provides posts as an “appetizer” for customers to enjoy.

But just as good content draws attention and guarantees customers, others do not have the same effect. Then… what to do to attract guests on Instagram? What type of post do they want to see? How to enchant them?

Well, it's no secret that the image network has several functions, see? There are stories, short videos, photos, mosaics, sponsored actions, polls, website exposure in the bio and so on. 

In fact, there are many ways to promote on Insta*. There is even a way to attract guests on Instagram in low season with discounts and tour tips. 

Here are some tips on what to do to move your business Instagram. This article was based with tips from this site.

How to attract guests on Instagram: 4 Tips

1 - Create a professional profile

The first step to stand out is to create a professional profile on Instagram. Because it is essential to show that the inn or hotel does not give up its credibility. Which is worth a lot for the customer's trust.

Even if the content has a more relaxed tone, the page must be commercial. With a visual identity that creates a positive perception, that creates a connection with people and that is not easy to forget.

For this, it is worth betting on fixed stories, using a standard color that is striking and a logo on display in the posts.

2 - Have quality content

There's no way to attract guests on Instagram if it doesn't have quality, okay? It's good to remember that if the profile doesn't post anything or if it posts things that are confusing, badly done, without hashtags and without attractive captions, it doesn't have good content. That is, posts that help you stand out. 

Which is not good for those who want an audience and more customers. Is not true?

The ideal is to take care of the photos of the hotel or inn. Put together planned videos of the most beautiful spots, the advantages, the news, happy guests, etc. Insta should reveal why it's the best place to stay.

At these times, it's good to use image apps to boost photos and videos. Testimonials from customers who have already used the environment are also helpful. Another tip is to suggest activities at nearby attractions. As float in the crystal clear waters of Nobres for those going to Mato Grosso, or visit Christ the Redeemer for those going to Rio de Janeiro.

3 - Capriche in the hashtags

With hashtags, you can promote your profile on Instagram. Since this is one of the network search functions. Yes! By putting a hashtag on the search page, you can find other similar posts. And that's not all.

They help to connect with people, with other companies, with various concepts and lifestyles, etc. Furthermore, they serve to link the point of stay to the destination that the tourist wants to visit.

For example, a hotel in Bonito-MS can include the “#” + “Bonito” (all together), which is the locality where the hotel is located, in the subtitles. Thus, the user knows that this is the “address” of the inn. By the way, this is what will appear whenever someone searches for the destination. It's a tip on how to attract guests on Instagram with hashtags.

4 - Convince customers to tag the hotel on Instagram

It is normal for the customer to be indecisive when choosing where to stay during their trip, it is true. But if he finds positive reviews of the place and people who recommend it, he is more inclined to choose it.

In this way, anyone who convinces guests to bookmark their hotel on Instagram is a great marketing ploy. Because by sharing the good experience and linking it to the company's name, customers help to publicize it, to engage it in the networks. What attracts new tourists?

So, those who still don't know how to promote their Instagram profile, can encourage people to share photos on the spot, create Instagramable areas for this and much more.

It's worth following the tips on how to attract guests on the hotel or inn's Instagram to stand out in the market.

By Priscila de Almeida


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