Beer sommelière gives tips on how to maintain beer quality amid high temperatures

Summer has arrived and with it the hottest and sultry days. For this season, nothing better than refreshing yourself with a cold beer. But how to avoid allowing the high temperatures of summer to influence the quality of beer? How to store the drink correctly in warmer places? They seem like basic points, but the lack of attention to them can directly interfere with the taste and aroma. To help keep the beer perfect even in summer, the beer sommelier da Ambev Brewery, Carolina Loureiro, has six useful tips. “It is common for people to think that, at this time of year, what counts is the beer being cracked. But the truth is that being cold is not enough to have quality. There are other simple factors that, if taken into account, can further enhance the unique experience of drinking a beer in the summer.”, says. Tips: 1 - Never throw beer bottles or cans. Storing them upright prevents oxidation, as the contact between the liquid and the air is less. As a result, tasting becomes a more pleasurable experience. 2 - Exposure to sunlight is quite harmful to hops. Even for a short time, it is very important to avoid this contact, as the drink can have its aroma and flavor altered, in a phenomenon known as lightstruck. 3 - Enhance the foam. The foam layer helps to maintain the ideal temperature of the beer in the glass, and prevents air from entering, minimizing its oxidation and maintaining the aroma and quality of the liquid. As for the thickness of the foam, a strip that has between two and three fingers is enough. 4 - High temperatures tend to accelerate the beer aging process. Therefore, it is always preferable that the storage places are cool and ventilated. 5 - If, on the one hand, high temperatures harm beer, on the other hand, freezing is also a villain. From the moment the liquid is frozen, gas is lost, totally altering the beer's basic characteristics and, consequently, its flavor. 6 - Likewise, sudden changes in temperature are bad for beer. Therefore, it is worth avoiding turning the refrigerator on and off and also putting the beer in and out of the freezer several times. Publication: William S. Schutz E-mail: Source: Karin Barros - Press officer for Communication with Wisdom


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