What to do during the winter season in Florianópolis

Florianópolis, during the winter, can be very pleasant, offering several activities that you can do to have fun with peace of mind. Just because during the summer the city is very popular doesn't mean that only during this season you will have interesting things to do.

For example, many people, during the winter, end up taking a tour of the Island of Anhatomirim, since the access boat to it is in the center of the city, and you end up having a panoramic view of the entire North Bay of the Island, being able to even spot dolphins, if you're lucky.

Another good option for those who like to enjoy nature is to take a horseback ride on the Rio Vermelho, following the path through the woods until reaching the beach, enjoying all the incredible views that only Florianópolis can offer.

In winter you can take advantage of rainy days to play in online casinos, or watching Netflix with the person you love the most. But when the weather improves, the capital of Santa Catarina has to offer you an immense variety of incredible tours.

There are many things you can do even if you are not in town during the summer, especially for nature lovers and those who like to be immersed in the adventurous spirit that lies within each of us.

You can even take a schooner tour, or a speedboat tour, and visit the numerous islands that are around Florianópolis, each with an incredible number of things you can do in unique places, which will be marked in your memory. memory.

Also, you can try whale watching on the south coast of Florianópolis. But if you're the type of person who likes to enjoy a quieter ride, there are several other options, like the ones you'll check out below!

What to do in Floripa to have fun in winter?

The first tip, if you want to have fun during the winter in Florianópolis, without having to go to the beaches, or even immerse yourself in the natural adventures that the island offers you, is to stroll through the historic center of the city. You can take a walk around the Public Market, one of the most popular places in downtown Floripa.

At the Public Market you will be able to eat a fries, have a beer, or even try a roasted mullet that will make anyone's mouth water. In addition, Beira-mar Norte is very close to the center of Florianópolis, and you can even walk along the beachfront.

For those who enjoy cultural attractions, the island is always a full plate. The city has plays, several movie options, shows, clubs and much more, all at your disposal so you can enjoy the best of the island during the winter.

After you've enjoyed all this, the best way to end the night is to enjoy all the gastronomic delights that Florianópolis has to offer. In the city, you have a simply huge variety of options, from seafood, Italian cuisine, Portuguese cuisine, mexican cuisine , and more.

Enjoying Lagoa da Conceição

Without a doubt, Lagoa da Conceição is one of the most famous tourist spots in Florianópolis, offering countless entertainment options in all seasons. During the winter, Lagoa da Conceição is an excellent location for those looking for clubs and shows, as well as high quality restaurants.

And the best of all is that the vast majority of entertainment options are literally on the edge of the Lagoon. You will have a simply incredible view for unforgettable moments, even more so if you decide to go out on a full moon night, where Lagoa da Conceição is usually even more beautiful.

A Conceição Lagoon has its own shopping center, and you can find options for the most diverse lifestyles. There are items for the adventurous on duty and also for those who like more tranquility, whether tasting high quality wines, or enjoying a portion of shrimp that will make anyone's jaw drop.

Florianopolis in all seasons

Florianópolis is a place that has a true infinity of things to do, with several tourist attractions to be visited, and a wide variety of gastronomic options. Magic Island will always offer you something amazing to do, at any time of the year, at any time of day.


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