The Offspring

Californian Punk Rock rocking Magic Island. The Offspring is one of the most influential bands for the 'resurgence' of Punk Rock and Hardcore by the Californian scene in the 90's, which created a very unique style of playing, mixing guitars and fast drums with brass, starting from Jamaican ska, and even the rap. Influencing, along with Bad Religion, Green Day, Rancid and Nofx, a number of bands that would follow, such as Blink 182, Lagwagon, Reel Big Fish, Sum 41, Goldfinger and more, The Offspring has sold over 46 million. of discs, being its biggest success, Americana, of 1998, with more than 13 million copies sold and countless awards around the world. The band has performed in the country on 5 occasions: 1997, 1998, 2004, 2005 and 2013, the latter at Rock In Rio. This year, he returned for a series of presentations, starting with the 'Festival dos Fanáticos', together with Tequila Baby and Raimundos, at Stage Music Park, in Florianópolis. And I went to follow this show. I arrived at the Stage around 21 pm and what I could see right away is how poorly maintained its parking lot is, with a paved part, but not even compared to the rest, with a dirt floor and full of holes. I believe that the management of the house should take care of these small details. Welcoming customers is the first step towards good recognition.

I was in the parking lot, talking and drinking beer with friends, when the band Tequila Baby entered the stage around 22pm. I didn't go in to see the show, as I was currently going through a saga to get the wristbands that would serve as press credentials to attend the shows. I waited for about 40 minutes, going from place to place not knowing who to talk to or what to do. Here, I make one more caveat: the show's staff should be more careful with this. There were two fellow press members who were covering the show for a magazine and who were going through the same situation, as they lost the show with all the disorganization. There should be a system that streamlined this point, simplifying entry and recognition, as even the people responsible for the show could not tell where the person responsible for the wristbands was. I got the credentials, and despite everything, I kept having fun. A quick summary of what I can say about Tequila Baby is that the band is from Rio Grande do Sul and their biggest hit is 'Sexo, Algemas e Cinta Liga'.

I continued in the parking lot and soon after, the band Raimundos took the stage. I have a lot of appreciation for the band, which was once the great musical name in the country, however I didn't attend the show, having seen them recently. From videos posted on his Facebook, I observed that it was a great concert. Raimundos was, along with Planet Hemp and Charlie Brown Jr., the highlights of the 90/00's music scene in Brazil. 'Raimundos', 'Lavo Tá Novo', 'Só No Forévis', in addition to the double live CD, were his most expressive albums. Unfortunately, the band lost some of its fame after the departure of lead singer Rodolfo, who converted to evangelism; but it still has the same weight as ever. Between comings and goings, including Tico Santa Cruz, from the band Detonautas, taking over the vocals for some time, Raimundos is currently composed by Digão, on vocals and guitar; Canisso, on bass; Marquim, on guitar; and Caio Cunha, on drums.

 After beers and beers, I entered the Stage to see the show. There were a lot of people in the place and everything went smoothly, which continued until the end of the show, without incidents or fights. Around half past midnight, Dexter Holland on vocals and guitars, Noodles on guitar, Greg K. on bass and Pete Parada on drums - the band's seventh lineup - took the stage opening the show with the classic 'All I Want ', which became even better known after being on the trail of a video game. From then until the end, the audience didn't stop for a single minute, as is the custom in every good show. 'Bad Habit', 'Come Out And Play' and 'Days Go By' followed. In 'Original Prankster', a hit that marked the adolescence of many people, everyone sang along with Dexter. The show continued with the band singing hits from their 9 albums, such as 'Want You Bad' by Conspiracy Of One; 'Hit That'; of Splinter; in Americana's 'Walla Walla', circles formed everywhere, with the audience headbanging in great excitement.

 'Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?' it was the calm moment (needed to catch his breath), but it was followed by another hit: 'Why Don't You Get a Job'. The bracer returned with 'You're Gonna Go Far, Kid' and continued with the group's biggest hit, 'Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)'. To 'close', 'The Kids Aren't Alright'. In the encore, two classics: '(Can't Get My) Head Around You and 'Self Esteem', both from the album, the best-selling album of all time by an independent record label, which made the band famous worldwide: Smash .

And so was the night of February 7th. Plenty of Punk Rock, fun and head-banging for no fan to fault.   Gabriel Faraco Photos: Gabriel Viceconti  


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