Coletivo A Bolha has big plans for local culture in 2023

Among the preparations are series of videos, events, exclusive content and partnerships with artists from the region.

Move the artistic scene of Palhoça and region, breaking divisions of social groups and stimulating the local culture. With a focus on these objectives, 16 artists mobilized to found the the bubble, a Palhoça collective that integrates different forms of art. For 2023, the group has a series of plans. And the news calendar has already begun.

Throughout 2022, musicians, singers, visual artists and writers periodically gathered at the Octopus Soundbox, studio located in the Center of Palhoça. From these meetings, A Bolha emerged and it was in that space that the first novelties were created. Among them is one series of live sessions: studio recordings with music and poetry performances. The video series was recorded in the second half of last year and is expected to be released in February. 

Five editions of the material are already prepared, featuring the bands Akanoá, cambirel, soul cream, the singer yaju and the writer William Schütz. Each video will be about half an hour long, interspersed with interviews and performances.

In addition to the live sessions, institutional and provocative videos have already started to be produced.

But before these launches, the collective intends to carry out a series of actions in digital media. In this context, the calendar has already begun. The profile @abolhacoletivo No. Instagram is already active and a schedule of publications has yet to be met. In addition, earlier this year, A Bolha launched its profile on Facebook, with exclusive content — which can be seen at

On the last 18th of November, the group made its debut on stage, in a multicultural act. Music shows, poetic performances, exhibitions, artists' shop, projections, among other attractions were gathered in the same event. Entitled "bubble", the party was at Haôma Lower Center, located in the center of Florianópolis. At the time, the space was completely crowded by the public. 

Also in this context, A Bolha expects to hold new events in 2023. Planning has already begun. In this context, partnerships are being made possible. The news should be released soon on the digital channels of A Bolha.

Another novelty will be the poster of the group. The document already has a draft and should be polished soon. The text will position A Bolha within the local culture — in terms of mission, vision and values. 

The collective has a designer, audio production, press office, filmmakers and other specialized professionals. All these services are made available to members. The group's perspective is to expand, in 2023, the range of services, as well as structure the group for the entry of new artists. More information can be found on the profile @abolhacoletivo on Instagram. 

The members of A Bolha are: the singer Yaju, the bands Akanoá, Cambirela and Soul Cream, the poet Willian Schütz and the visual artist Nicole Kirchner.


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