Treino Travessias wins over lovers of the sea in SC

The project has more than 250 members and is one of the largest of its kind in Brazil.

unnamedPhotograph of group members on a training day. Source: Press Office SC in Tariff.

Every Sunday, a lively group of people gathers on a beach in Santa Catarina to do what they love: fall in the sea and train. They are people of different origins and ages, but they have a passion for sport in common. O Travessias training project arose from the need that swimmer Regina Feldmann and partner Mauricio Cangiani identified with the realization of the Campeche Island Crossing, one of the most traditional events on the state calendar, which is held in March. “We realized that there were no professionals who trained people so that they would be comfortable in the sea and learn to behave in this aquatic environment. The first training session took place in February 2016 and since then the group has only grown, reaching the current 256 members”, celebrates Regina. To organize the movement, three people follow the weather forecast during the week and on Thursday the meeting place is revealed, which takes place every Sunday, even during winter. With the growing demand, there are now three levels and routes with different intensities. A great staff provides security with boats, jet skis, kayaks and stand up paddles. “We are very careful about the safety of our swimmers. Unfortunately I see a lot of inconsequential people. Being a pool swimmer is quite different from being a sea swimmer. Respect is required! Never swim alone, always use a signal buoy, a cap with a striking color and warn the lifeguards. Never enter alone if there is no one on the beach”, alert. The participation of women in the crossings has also grown a lot and there is even a group of their own: the pink shoal! Members get together for actions such as collecting garbage on the islands, donating blood, planting trees, in addition to training, of course. "We form a group that has a social function, without prejudice, gender or class. Of course, when we meet we have typical female chats, but our main bond is the love of the sport.”, says. With her contagious energy, Regina works so that more and more people discover the power of the sea. "We need to overcome fears and overcome challenges, just like we do at sea. Regardless of age, we can live this emotion", it ends. Publication: William S. Schütz. Contact: Press office source: Mia Von Baxtet, SC in Tariff.


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