Bands from Santa Catarina are featured in the program of the Cultural Marathon of Florianópolis

cultural marathon In all, 22 shows will be performed free of charge during the two days of the event. Music has always been the strong point of the Florianópolis Cultural Marathon, and this fifth edition will be no different. The program brings together options for all tastes and styles, and in different stages located in the central region of Florianópolis. The Florianópolis Cultural Marathon takes place on the 25th and 26th of November. The main feature of this edition is the massive participation of musicians and bands from Santa Catarina. “Our main objective is to make the public know and consume what is produced in the state”, highlights Paula Borges, organizer of the event. And in this musical marathon, the public will be able to leave a classical piano performance, go through a samba show and end the day to the sound of Indie Folk.

Colors-of-Aide-Photo-Stivy-Malty Aidê Colors – Photo Stivy Malty

Another highlight is the participation of artists for the first time in the event, such as the Orquestra Manancial da Alvorada. “We are very happy to participate, as it is a demonstration that we are acting culturally in the city. The Marathon is a moment of celebration for the cultural agents of Florianópolis, making these free presentations accessible while paying their artists, valuing the local work, but removing the financial impediment of the public”, highlights Julian Alexander Brzozowski, member of the group. The show will be on Saturday (26), starting at 22:30 pm, at the Showcase Cell.

NOAHS_Photo_credit_Vanessa_Frota NOAHS - Photo Vanessa Frota

The most beloved band in Santa Catarina, Dazaranha, is another confirmed performance. “We are honored to be in yet another edition, as it is already an event that is part of our art scene and is understood as a great exhibitor, which presents and values ​​our art. In other words, it is a great combination of professionals and professions at the service of Santa Catarina art, exposing, encouraging and valuing our artists”, evaluates Chico Martins. The presentation of Dazaranha will take place on the 26th, at 20 pm, at Escadaria do Rosário, in downtown Florianópolis.

Dazaranha-Photo-Maria-Victoria Dazaranha – Photo Maria Victoria

The Cultural Marathon is sponsored by the Municipality of Florianópolis and Fundação Franklin Cascaes, through the Municipal Law of Incentive to Culture and cultural support from Peixe Urbano, Nexxera, Floripa Shopping, Involves and Visto Sistemas. The entire program of the Cultural Marathon is free and can be checked on the website

Skrotes-photo-Caio-Cezar Skrotes - Photo Caio Cezar

MUSICAL PROGRAMMING Date: 25 November Florianópolis Public Market (R. Jerônimo Coelho, 60) 12:12h - Allende Floripa Shopping (Rod Jose Carlos Daux, Monte Verde) 216:14h – Intervention Duo Young Orchestra Badesc Cultural Foundation (Rua Visconde de Ouro Preto, 344 – Downtown) 15:112h – Letícia Coelho FAF - Florianópolis Art Fair (Rua dos Ilhéus, 16 - Downtown) 60pm – Leleswing Taliesyn (Rua Victor Meirelles, 17, Downtown) 18pm – Bowie Party Escadaria do Rosário (Rua Marechal Guilherme, 30 – Downtown) 20pm – Carinae 19:60pm – Redea Loose 19pm – Dazaranha CIC (Integrated Culture Center) 75pm – Open Piano: Luiz Gustavo Zago in “MoMeNTuM” Palácio Cruz e Sousa (R. Ten. Silveira, 22 – Downtown) 30pm – Cinema in the Garden: “Nosferatu” + Live Skrotes Showcase Cell (Rua João Paulo 0, João Paulo) 1:30 pm – Menage 3:XNUMX am – Bolt Silvestre XNUMX:XNUMX am – Orquestra Manancial da Alvorada XNUMX:XNUMX am – Skrotes Date: 26 November ACATE/Primavera Garden (SC-401, Km 04, s/n - Saco Grande) 11am – Open Piano: Luiz Gustavo Zago plays Jobim & Piazzolla Public Market (R. Jerônimo Coelho, 60) 12pm to 16pm – Samba no Mercado with Luiz Sebastião and guests 13pm – Cores de Aidê Floripa Shopping ((Rod. Jose Carlos Daux, Monte Verde) 13pm – Intervention Duo Orquestra Jovem Largo da Catedral (R. Padre Miguelinho, 55) 15pm – Drum Orchestra Escadaria do Rosário (Rua Marechal Guilherme , 60 – Downtown) 17:30 – Noahs 19:20 – Black Rhino 30:XNUMX – Napkin Davi Paes e Lima


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