Love Inside the Camera, Unwanted Finds and Bestia win FAM 2021

The award ceremony took place on September 29, at the online and live ceremony that closed the FAM 25 years

Credit: FAM press office/Disclosure

the brazilian documentary The Love Inside the Camera, by Jamille Fortunato and Lara Beck Belov is the big winner of the MOyster Long Fiction and Documentary by the Official Jury of this 25th edition of the Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosul International Film Festival - FAM 2021 Reflection. the Santa Catarina Unwanted Findings received the audience award. The Best Film of Short Show it's the chilean animation Bestia, by Hugo Covarrubias.

The emotional closing ceremony, with more than 150 participants online, was broadcast live this Wednesday (29), from the studio at the Festival set up on the campus of the Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina, with support from the audiovisual production team. of the institution, IFSC TV, Department of Communication and Nucleus of Digital Production (NPD). The event was also broadcast by IFS TV and TV Floripa. The IFSC dean, Maurício Gariba Júnior, participated online in the opening of the event. “IFSC has always encouraged art, music and culture, and we believe that where there is there is science. We are very proud to be able to contribute to the 25th edition of the FAM and we hope to be together in the next edition”, he said.

The ceremony was attended by director general Antonio Celso dos Santos, production director Tiago Santos, presentation by communication director Alissa Azambuja and virtual participation by Marilha Naccari, programming director. “It is with great happiness that we are here that night, even with the challenge of having a newborn at home, I am grateful to be able to participate in this edition of the FAM because I believe in the importance of this event, even for the future of my son”, she declared.

In all, 50 films from 12 countries were screened, and 36 activities were shown, including panels and lectures at the 5th Mercosur Co-production Meeting - ECM+LAB 2021, which had 190 participating projects this year, including a library of projects, pitchings and meetings, totaling more than 200 hours of business.

The Love Inside the Camera, a production from Bahia, narrates the love story of almost 60 years between Conceição and Orlando Senna, two personalities whose lives are intertwined with Brazilian cinema. The Official Jury pointed out the justification for the award: “For the delicacy of the approach, for the importance of highlighting love, art and cinema as components of resistance in times of intolerance, and for the ability to document the particular and the social with the same quality". “It was a gift to be together with you, what a surprise, it was a scare! This award is for very special people in our lives”, thanked director Lara Belov with emotion.

In the Popular Jury, the award went to fiction from Santa Catarina. not wanted finds, director Fabi Penna's first feature, which premiered at the Festival. “This award is very important for the whole team. We want a future with everyone together, even with our differences, but all together with our cinema. Congratulations FAM, crew, cast, we just have to thank you”.

the short film Bestia it is inspired by real events in the life of a secret police agent during the military dictatorship in Chile, and addresses the inhuman brutality of the dictatorship with frankness and courage, considered the Official Jury. In the Popular Jury, the public's choice was How many more?, directed by Lucas de Jesus, production from Bahia.

Na Show WIP, of films in post-production, the winning film by the Official Jury is Las Fronteras se Movian, directed by Marina Belaustegui Keller. “I am excited, very happy. Everything was so beautiful and FAM will always be in my heart,” she said.

The winning project among all those presented at the ECM+LAB é the Curupira, by Helder Quiroga, who also receives the consultancy award from Projeto Paradiso. Morethan will offer consultancy to Francisca Barraza's Hechiza.

FAM's partner markets also awarded projects that will participate in their next editions. Alejandra Marano, from Sanfic Industry, announced awards for series projects Mario Prata Interviews Some Brazilians, by Leonardo Minozzo and Sand go buy a horse, go on horseback, by Gabriel Alvin. The participants of salon de cali, an award announced by Alina Hleap and Francisco Merino, will be the projects High Venganza, by Diego Rougier, La Solapa, by Pablo Fernandez Crosa and Federico Ricaldon and The sea to the sea, by Maria Paz Barragán Ugarteche.

For Bolivia Lab the participating project will be from Chapecó, Efapi Boul, by Daniela Farina. “We were very happy with this award, we are grateful, and it was very much what we wanted”, she said.

Na University Rally Show, the Poṕular Jury award went to El Great Day, directed by Hanna Valentina Gómez.

The winner of Children's Show by the Official Jury is Clara de Huevo, by Sol Infante Zamudio and Andrea Treszczan Azar, and in the public's choice it is penguin and ballena, by Ezequiel Torres, Pablo Roldán.

Na video clips, the Official Jury award goes to Closed Signal - Getúlio Abelha, direction Lucas Sá and the public to Breathe - Francesco Santalucia, directed by Fernando Haddad and Larissa Korolkovaso. "I'm speechless. This film was a gamble and now I just have to thank and celebrate”, declared Lucas. “That's a good thing, I'm very, very happy. And I am very grateful to Fernando Haddad”, said Larissa.

The Best Film of Santa Catarina Short Film Show according to the Official Jury is The Alfajor Tree, by Marcela Soares. “What a thrill guys, I’m really happy to be here.” The public chose Mirror Mirror My, directed by Laura Bassani:. “I can't even believe it, I'm very happy. I thank my teacher, Marília Maccari, and our team, who even with the pandemic, together we managed to make this film”.


The films will receive the Panvision Trophy, awarded by the Panvision Cultural Association to the winners of the Official and Popular Jury categories for the Best Film in the Short Films, Short Films from Santa Catarina, Children's Films, Video Clips and Feature Films - Fiction and Documentary. The University Rally Exhibition will be awarded by the Popular Jury and the WIP – Work in Progress, by the Official Jury.

This edition's prizes total more than R$100 and are offered by festival partners CiaRio/Naymovie, CineSupport, Mistika, Link Digital.Estúdio JLS, DOT, IndieCam, Projeto Paradiso, MoreThan, Bucharest, Navega, PluralTec/Plural Filmes, in the form of equipment rental fees, finishing services and professional training activities, in addition to the RECAM award.


FAM is honored to present the Award granted by the Specialized Meeting of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Authorities of Mercosur - RECAM, which consists of providing services so that films are accessible to the blind or low vision, deaf or hearing impaired and includes audio description, Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) window, subtitles in Portuguese and Spanish for deaf and deaf people, in addition to the exhibition in RECAM digital rooms.
The chosen film was The Intronaut, by Jose Arboleda, from Mostra Curtas.

The 25th Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosul is sponsored by Sebrae and is organized by Associação Cultural Panvision and Muringa Produções Audiovisuais.

Editing and publication: William Schütz.
Source: FAM Press Office.


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