Florianópolis bar bets on alcoholic teas as a trend of the season

Light, but intense, alcoholic teas are the darlings in large cities and at Balako Bar, located in the south of the island, they are conquering more and more fans.

Anyone who believes that tea is only consumed by those who have a healthier routine or seek some therapeutic effect is wrong. Proof of this is that they have been reigning in the preparation of drinks at Balako Bar - located in the south of the island – which launched its winter drinks menu, where teas gain not only more space on the menu, but also other meanings and looks.

Infused with alcoholic bases, be they cognac, gin, cachaça or even whiskey, alcoholic teas are a novelty in the cocktail shop, as they allow exploring the taste of those who consume them and the creativity of those who prepare them, mixing aromas, textures and flavors.

It's no wonder that the Argentine Lucas Gomez, mixologist at Balako Bar, located in the charming Galeria NC, in Novo Campeche, has just included in the new drinks menu the Hot Toddy; a reinterpretation with a blend of whiskey, lemon, ginger, spices and hot water. Could you imagine the combination of the freshness of lemon and ginger, associated with the warmth of whiskey? And this is just one of the possibilities.

Who also gets attention is the 23 pm tea, a combination of rooibos tea, YVY AR gin, elderflower liqueur, berry shrub, lemon, pink pepper and sage. It is a hot drink, which pleases lovers of fruity and floral taste.

Two other interesting and tasty drinks for the season are the Amore mio and the Amazonian. The first is composed of gin with pepper, vermouth rosso, amaro averna, artisanal jabuticaba liqueur, dark chocolate. Amazônico, on the other hand, mixes the award-winning Antonieta cachaça, artichoke appetizer, chamomile tea, mint syrup, tahiti lime and cupuaçu. The drink is clarified with milk. Super exotic!

For chefs Mayara Packer and Michael Williann, owners of Balako, “Brazilianness mixed with Latinity are the main ingredients of the bar, which is why it pleases those who frequent it. This good mix is ​​also present in the food and snacks served to harmonize with the authorial drinks, reinterpretations and classics that are part of our menu.”, they comment.

In Balako's winter drinks menu you will also find other seasonal drinks:

Cafe la Fusa - made with vodka, artisanal coffee liqueur, amaretto disaronno, espresso coffee, dark chocolate and cumaru;

Golden - it takes xanadu black cachaça, honey, citrus solution, parmesan and cumaru cheese tile;

IL Capo - blends Bourbon whiskey with passion fruit, lemon, artisanal coffee liqueur. The latter is authored by bartender Lucas Gomez.

Too much, isn't it? And chefs Mayara and Michael give tips on how to enjoy this experience even more. "Inside our bar we present a multitude of options to please all palates. The tip is: sit at the counter and discover your perfect combination by sitting in the best seat in the house – facing the bartender!”. Would you like to try it?

balako bar
Address: Rua Nicolau João de Abreu, 58 - Galeria NC - Novo Campeche.

Roberta Sandreschi
Amplocom Communication


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