PG Soft's Fortune Tiger: Featured Game

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When playing at online “casinos”, you will notice that there are many exciting games to choose from. The variety of games you can find is one of the main advantages you can enjoy on these sites. As a result, you will see many exciting digital slot games like the game mentioned here.

One of the main reasons why players love games of chance like slots is that, in addition to their easy gameplay, they also fall under various interesting themes. Among the ones people are most interested in are oriental-themed titles, which give them a glimpse of Asian culture and at the same time can bring them luck.

Among the many interesting titles that fall under this theme is Fortune Tiger by PG Soft. If you haven't tried this fun game yet, you can play and read instructions about the game here:

About the game

In Chinese culture, various animals are known to bring luck and fortune and among them is the tiger. By playing this game you will see a cute and fluffy tiger that will bring you all the luck you need.

This tiger is believed to be the aide to the thousand-year-old immortal emperor and is known for its beautiful stripes. This wonderful creature is also believed to give birth to a golden tiger which will bring good luck.

As you play, watch the charming tiger dancing atop the reels to keep you motivated to play. The game takes place in front of a huge temple that contains many prizes while the reels spin and sound in a cascading beat.

This game has 3 reels, 3 lines, 5 paylines and an impressive RTP of 96,81%

Symbols you will see

There are several symbols that you will find in the game and each of them will give you special prizes when you match three of them. This includes the seven important symbols that can determine how much you win. Some of them are valued lower than others, while there are those that can generate higher payouts.

The low value symbols are the oranges, Chinese bells and red envelopes that some people call ang pao. By getting three of them, you can win prizes of up to 3x, 5x and 8x respectively.

Meanwhile, the highest paying symbols in the game are a bag of Chinese coins, a Chinese knot and gold nuggets. Getting three of them will give you up to 10x, 25x and 100x of your starting stake.

Fortune Tiger also has the adorable tiger as its wild symbol. This means that when that symbol appears on the screen, expect it to replace any other existing symbol on the reels. If you're lucky enough to get three of them, you could win up to 250x your stake.

Special game features

To add more excitement to the game, PG Soft has added the Fortune Tiger feature that can be triggered randomly in the game. Once this feature is triggered or wild symbols appear, all reels will re-spin with these additional symbols. These symbols must remain where they landed. Otherwise, the feature will be stopped and winnings will be paid out.

There are also multipliers that can greatly double the amount you can win. Who knows? You can activate all these special features and take home plenty of winnings.

Answers to the most asked questions

Still curious about the game? Here are other things you might be interested to know more about:

  • Can you play Fortune Tiger on mobile?

Definitely yes! The game is desktop, mobile, and tablet compatible so you won't have a hard time playing it.

  • How much is the biggest prize you can win in the game?

What is exciting about the game is that it can make you win up to 2500x your initial stake.

  • How much do I need to bet in order to play?

The minimum bet you can place is $0,25.

  • Can I play with Bitcoin?

It depends on the chosen online casino, but the game is also optimized to be compatible with BTC.

Upon knowing this, you can play and read instructions about the game here, you'll be eager to learn more about it before trying it out! Make sure your favorite online casino offers this game so you can play it ASAP!


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