Exhibition Color in Motion, by Rute Cardoso

With 9 paintings, the exhibition Cor em Movimento by the plastic artist and writer Rute Cardoso was installed in the Annex of the Cultural Didactic Space, on the 1st floor of the Legislative Assembly of Santa Catarina between March 11 and 18.


The painting "O Ser Mulher" (above) marks the essence of the show, with vivid colors, well-marked brushstrokes and the woman as a featured figure.

With various painting on canvas techniques, the 9 artistic works by Ruth Cardoso that were part of the exhibition Color in Motion brought more liveliness to the Annex of the Cultural Didactic Space, located on the first floor of Legislative Assembly of Santa Catarina (Alesc), in downtown Florianópolis. Exploring the variety of colors, textures and the movements of brush strokes, Rute presents contemplations and reflections on life and feelings through works full of creative nuances. In addition to the free forms and the filling of backgrounds, some of the paintings exalt the figure of the woman and the feminine nature. "Care","color and soul","Being a Woman"and "Life” are the titled works that were part of the show.

love-rute-cardoso-willian-s-schutz The work "Amor" (above) proposes sentimental reflections with the female image as a highlight. The warm colors of the work show the sentimentality in the brushstrokes. Among the paintings on display, four had no established title, generating even greater reflection on the meanings of the paintings. Measuring 80 centimeters in width and 100 centimeters in height, the painting “Vida”, carefully positioned next to the exhibition’s name, is larger than the others, which were made on canvases measuring 80 centimeters both in height and in width.

life-rute-willian-s-schutz "Life" was one of the most outstanding works among those on display. Mixing the illustrative with the abstract, Rute Cardoso used, alternating and allowing herself to mix, the paints: acrylic, dimensional and pva. To celebrate the end of the exhibition and socialize sharing art and joy, a special soiree was held on March 18 at 18 pm: Poetry, Color and Movement, an event that brought together renowned writers in Santa Catarina literature. Among those present at the soiree were academics from academies of letters, literary groups and art lovers from Santa Catarina, in addition to the artist Rute Cardoso herself, who presides over the Academia de Letras do Brasil in Santa Catarina, Sinval Silveira, president of the Trinity Poets Group (GPT), Osmar Cardoso, vice president of the Academia de Letras do Brasil de Santa Catarina and Ney Santos, vice president of the Academia de Letras de Palhoça were some of the academics present. In a friendly atmosphere and accompanied by loved ones, they also performed readings related to the exhibition: Hans Cristian, Rosângela Ribeiro Miranda, Willian Schütz, Valmir Vilmar, Sidney Lino, Gisele Moura Celso D'Souza.

soiree-rutecardoso-willian-s-schutz In an atmosphere of friendship and celebration, the Poesia, Cor e Movimento soiree marked the fraternization that ended the exhibition.  The soiree proved to be an alternative to represent the themes exposed in Ruth's works, stimulating the artistic union between literature and the visual arts.  Also called Palácio Barriga Verde, the place has hosted, in addition to the usual activities of the Legislative Power of the State of Santa Catarina, several artistic exhibitions, lectures and cultural events. Color in Motion was one of the milestones of Alesc's special program for the "Women's Month", as the 08th of March is International Women's Day. cor-and-alma-rutecardoso-willian-s-schutz

"Cor e Alma" was one of the works exhibited during the artistic show. 

The Book Launch "Feminism: perversion and subversion”, by Mrs Ana Campagnolo; a debate on the topic “Violence against Women”; the presentation of the Aequalis Institute for Feminine Leadership, with professors Helena Kuerten de Salles and Elizete Lorenzoni Alves; a lecture with journalist Angela Bastos about the documentary “alone”, which portrays violence against women living in the countryside, among several other events were those scheduled for the month. The complete schedule of activities carried out at the Legislative Assembly of Santa Catarina can be found on the official website of the Assembly. Text and photographs: William S. Schütz. Contact by email: willianschutz@hotmail.com.


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