Events in Florianópolis: weeks of entertainment and free activities

Discover and participate in current events in Florianópolis. (Unsplash/Israel Palacio)
Photo by Israel Palacio on Unsplash

Florianópolis is a center of creativity and cultural expression. As a city that combines urban charm with natural beauty, Florianópolis delights residents and visitors alike.

In light of this dynamic, the importance of community events cannot be underestimated. These events offer entertainment that can bring people together. They also promote connections to the city's diverse culture.

In 2023, Florianópolis is hosting several exciting events that provide free entertainment for residents and visitors. Below are some of the free events you can participate in.

Festival Ein Prosit

The next premiere of the German festival, Ein Prosit, is scheduled to take place at Passeio Pedra Branca, in Palhoça.

Ein Prosit will not only feature 30 culinary booths, but will also include 30 brewery booths. Participants will be able to enjoy traditional dances, local musical shows and classic games, such as sawing wood and drinking meter-long glasses of beer. In addition, there will be an area for children.

This event will be held on September 2nd, at 11am, and will end on September 3rd, at 19pm, with no admission fee. Other similar events, always free, are often held on weekends at Passeio Pedra Branca, in all seasons of the year.

Tuesday Karaoke at Célula Showcase

Every Tuesday, at 20pm, the Showcase cell presents karaoke events for visitors to Florianópolis. Previously held on Wednesdays, this new karaoke series offers opportunities for enthusiasts to showcase their talents.

In addition to free entry to the event, participants can also enjoy the games room at no cost. In addition to singing, Célula Showcase offers a variety of delicious food and drinks, including skewers and barbecue options.

This event is located in the João Paulo neighborhood, providing a vibrant social environment for music and entertainment. The karaoke series started on May 30th and will continue until September 19th.

Musical performances at Armazém Rita Maria

O Rita Maria Warehouse hosts a fusion of food, art and entertainment in its six charming antique warehouses. It is a popular place for everyone to relax, regardless of age. From May 19th to December 30th, the venue offers free entry.

Features electronic music on weekdays and live music performances on weekends. Saturday shows start at 19pm, while Sunday shows start at 14pm. These performances include various genres: rock, pop, samba, reggae and electronic music.

Attendees can enjoy the music in a comfortable environment while sipping drinks and snacks. While watching the presentations, visitors can do formula 1 crypto betting using Bitcoin with other participants.

Armazém Rita Maria offers a variety of gastronomic options, including restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlors and bars, catering to different tastes and preferences. Additionally, this property has a rich cultural history rooted in XNUMXth-century architecture.

Film screening at the Victor Meirelles Museum

The ATA-ME - CINENUVIC Cycle presents monthly film screenings at the Victor Meirelles Museum to encourage discussions on social issues such as feminism, sexuality, gender and race.

Each session will feature two experts who will delve deeper into the themes covered by the films. All seven sessions in total are free.

Started on June 16th, the program will run until December 8th. The first session will be on September 15th, when the film "Women Talking", by Sarah Polley, will be shown. "In the film, Polley portrayed the struggle of women as they tried to reconcile their faith in an isolated settlement after a series of assaults.

On October 20, the museum will exhibit "Parallel Mothers", by Pedro Almodovar. This film revolves around two single mothers who cross paths in a hospital when they are about to give birth. Although one is older and the other is a nervous teenager, their connection develops into a powerful relationship that changes their lives.

"I am Not a Witch" will be shown on November 10th. Produced by Rungano Nyoni, the film tells the story of an eight-year-old girl accused of witchcraft who is forced to live in a witch colony.

The last film of December is "Tomboy", by Céline Sciamma, centered on a 10-year-old girl who faces social challenges. The girl, Laurie, pretends to be a boy to make friends in the neighborhood and ends up facing problems regarding her identity.


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