Grillo and the Mosquitos releases the single Marimbondo with a clip in sequence

Partnership with a music studio and audiovisual producer from Florianópolis yields a music video for a song in which the power trio mixes rock and baião

Grillo and the Mosquitoes | Credit: Camila Moreno

After launching "bring the repellent", your single debut, the instrumental trio Grillo e os Mosquitos puts the song in rotation "Wasp". The track is the result of a mix of rock n' roll with some genuinely Brazilian genres, such as baião. Now available on the main music platforms. streamingsingle also won a clip, in a project carried out in partnership with Ouié Studio and the audiovisual producer Pândega Films, which can be viewed at Channel of the band Grillo and the Mosquitos on YouTube.

The music video was filmed in sequence and presents the band in all its energy, performing live the music written by the guitarist. Peter Germer. The project is the result of the combination of the potential of the power trio, the studio and the producer. According to lucas thys, from Pândega Filmes, unions of this nature serve to give greater impetus to artistic works developed in the capital of Santa Catarina. “The importance of partnerships like this is very great. It is essential because it strengthens both affective and economic ties of the cultural scene as a whole, amplifying the work of all parties involved. The power of Santa Catarina and Florianópolis as a provider of high quality art, not only for itself, but also for the rest of the country, is enormous. We expect partnerships like this to happen more and more”, he highlights.


Responsible for creating the bridge that gave rise to this edition of Ouié Ao Vivo, Paulo Lahude says that the desire to work with the band had been around for some time. “The band recorded the single Bring Repelente here in the studio, so we already had a very hot sound here, all well set up. It was during the same period that I met the people from Pândega, so we thought about getting everyone together to do this work”, he explains.

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Marimbondo is composed by the guitarist of Grillo and the Mosquitos, Pedro Germer. He says that the song emerged from an attempt to unite the language of Northeastern music to the sounds and articulations of the electric guitar, using techniques in which the sound is taken with movements of the left hand on the instrument's neck. The name of the composition, on the other hand, comes from an unusual situation experienced by Germer. “I was taking a shower and a wasp landed on me. My first reaction was to try to slap the animal, but I ended up getting stung. At another time, when I was thinking about the song, I remembered this situation and I thought it had everything to do with it, because the sound of it is almost like a buzz, a swarm of wasps. I thought it matched so much that I decided to name the song after that,” he explains.


The instrumental trio Grillo e os Mosquitos, from Florianópolis, is formed by the musicians john peters (contrabass), Peter Germer (guitar) and Gustavo Grillo (drums). The project was born in 2016 by the desire to get together to play their favorite themes and improvise on top of them. The trio's authorial compositions travel through various Brazilian styles, which merge with rock and blues in a cauldron of references. Marimbondo is the second song that the band has released this year, in a process that will result in the release of their first album.

The clip's technical file features production by Pândega Filmes, recording by Ouié Estúdio and mixing of Paulo Lahude. The band Grillo and the Mosquitos are part of the cast, the executive production is Emanueli Dalsasso and the cover art single and from Puroisland.

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