The most favorite car colors and their meaning

When you buy a car, be it a 0 km, an old car or one of the used Volkswagen, usually looks for a certain color. This choice can be for simple taste, preferences or because you saw it and just liked it. But nothing in life is by chance, and each color has its meaning.

In recent times, and according to surveys carried out in several countries, the colors of the most sold cars during the last year were white, gray and black. The color white is a worldwide preference, followed closely by the color black. A recent survey indicated that the used Volkswagen best sellers were within these color choices.

The color of a vehicle says about its owner's personality.

Even though it is sometimes not possible to choose the color of the Volkswagen used cars or any other automotive brand because those that are on sale at a given time only have a few colors, at other times you can choose your preference.

For this reason, it is interesting to know the meaning that each color has so that you can choose the right one for you when buying one of thenew Volkswagen, for example.

Taking into account that each of the vehicle colors has different characteristics, it is good to try to choose your ideal or preferred color, so that the car you want to drive has everything to do with you.

A color presents a person's personality, so it is essential, as far as possible, to pay attention when choosing. After all, it is through color that sensations are perceived.

Psychologists claim that the color of a vehicle reflects the personality of its owner and that each color is likely to indicate some factors of that personality.

Some aspects of car colors

Surely you've been to one used Volkswagen dealership or any car dealership for sale and saw several cars of different colors. Well, know that older people are the ones who choose the most discreet colors and the most daring people choose the most vibrant, stronger colors.

According to drivers with experience in traffic, the most common color is silver gray, a color that enhances and also disguises details of everyday use. Upper-class people choose dark colors, women generally choose light colors, and young people choose bright, flashy colors.

The meaning of colors in vehicles

The. White
The person who chooses this color is organized and honest. Through this color he seeks harmony. On the other hand, he is a dreamer, generous and sincere person.

B. Red
It reveals a vital, fun and ambitious person, a person with a lot of energy and dynamism. A person who is also impulsive and passionate about life.

ç. Grey
It presents a practical and formal driver, a reasonable, elegant, conservative and pleasant person.

d. Black
The person who chooses this color is someone who likes elegance and luxury. He is usually an upper-class or powerful person, but at the same time he can be very competitive and confident.

and. Blue
Those who choose to buy a blue vehicle are usually calm and prudent. Blue is synonymous with wisdom, optimism and patience. Blue car owners are, as a general rule, honest, hardworking and loyal.

f. Yellow
Undoubtedly, a person who chooses this color for their car is a cheerful, confident, optimistic person. He is someone who likes to have fun, is creative, intuitive and affectionate.

g. Gold
The person who likes this color certainly has a strong personality and high self-esteem. She is self-confident, intelligent and proud.

H. Silver
Anyone who drives a silver car is a calm, elegant person, but also thoughtful and very attentive. Definitely a balanced person.

i. Green
This color on a vehicle presents a person with a calm and peaceful personality, someone with well-balanced emotions.


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