The Best Cycling Holidays in Florianopolis

The Best Cycling Holidays in Florianopolis

Florianópolis, referred to by locals as simply Floripa, is the second largest city of the state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil and is also the region's capital. Encompassing Santa Catarina Island, the surrounding smaller islands, and part of the mainland, Florianópolis has 60 beaches and is particularly popular for surfing and other leisure sports.

Amongst these leisure sports, cycling is particularly popular for exploring florianopolis owing to its incredible natural beauty, varied vegetation, and terrain's suitable for all levels of experience. Florianópolis also consists of a mountainous area, more adventurous cyclists will get plenty out of a trip to the Santa Catarina Mountains.

Why Take a Cycling Holiday?

The most common misconception when it comes to cycling trips is that you have to be super fit. However, having said that, we wouldn't recommend a mountainous cycling trip to someone who isn't more experienced, but there are plenty of trips suitable for those of all fitness levels. A cycling holiday is one of the best ways to explore your destination as you'll get exercise, experience the culture and the many different sights and sounds of the area, all the while being out in the fresh air. Fortunately Florianópolis offers plenty of incredible cycling holidays for those looking to hit the open road.

5 Days Exploring Serra Catarinense

The Serra Catarinense, or Santa Catarina Mountains in English, is one of the most beautiful attractions of the Florianópolis region – almost as beautiful as your favorite online pokies🇧🇷 If you fancy spending 5 days exploring this incredible wilderness, we suggest taking a transfer from Florianópolis to Urubici and then heading on a guided tour. For those feeling stifled by the tropical climate of Brazil, this area is the coldest region of southern Brazil and offers hills and mountains and even water cascades which freeze over in winter. This tour accommodates groups of 12 and includes a bicycle, bilingual tour guide, and a support vehicle.


3 Days Exploring Florianopolis

If 5 days high in the mountains of southern Brazil sounds a bit too advanced for you and you are on a bit of a budget, why not spend 3 days atop your bicycle exploring Florianópolis? With plenty of beaches and trails, touring the natural attractions of the region will allow you to experience the best of Florianópolis over 3 days. Passing through several conservation areas, you'll go from south to north, east to west, and explore areas which are both preserved and little explored. This tour accommodates groups of 12 and includes a bicycle, bilingual tour guide, and a support vehicle.

3 Days Exploring Rio do Rastro

Located in the south of the state populated with many forests and waterfalls, the Serra do Rio do Rastro is one of the hills of Santa Catarina and is a picture perfect example of the beauty of the area. Characterized by steep ascents and tight curves, the Serra do Rio do Rastro is covered by the highly diverse flora and fauna of the Atlantic forest including a variety of felines and monkeys. This 3-day tour includes accommodation, a bicycle, a bilingual guide, and a support vehicle.


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