Florianópolis: some of the best attractions to enjoy in this city

Visiting Florianópolis is synonymous with sand, rest, diving and contact with nature, activities that can be enjoyed on the more than 40 different beaches that the city offers, among which stand out Jurerê, Praia do Forte, Praia da Daniela, Santo Antônio from Lisbon, Canasvieiras, Praia do Santinho and Praia Mole.

Although the beach is a very attractive walk for most people, there are some visitors who prefer other types of routes. The most common are visits that have to do with the city's history and nightlife.

If you are planning to visit Floripa and want to enjoy everything this city has to offer, read on!

Organizing the trip, a fundamental step

Before starting to describe the different options for tours and places to enjoy that Florianópolis has, it is necessary to understand the importance of good planning.

What do we mean by this? To guarantee the success of the trip, it is essential not only to buy the airfare to reach the destination, but also to understand the importance of choosing a quality company.

Choose a company like Latam, complying with the scheduled departure and arrival times, informing you of any changes in routes in advance and excelling in customer service is essential for your vacation to be a success from start to finish.

The choice of hotel is also of no less importance, as you need to stay in an establishment that has the appropriate cleaning and service conditions and has a suitable location, with easy access from the airport.

Floripa: 3 types of attractions to enjoy the city

Now that we've explained the main tips to ensure the success of your next trip to Florianópolis, it's time to get to know some of the best tour options that the city offers.


Do you like to dive and stay in the sun in quiet and not so busy environments? So the best option is to visit the beaches in the south of the city, among which Praia de Armação and Praia do Campeche stand out. This region is also a paradise for surfers who flock to Praia do Morro das Pedras, Pântano do Sul and Praia do Matadeiro.

However, if you prefer spaces more frequented by tourists from different parts of the world, the northern beaches, such as Praia Brava, Canasvieiras, Jurerê Internacional and Praia dos Ingleses are great choices.

Historical Center

If you prefer cultural tours that reveal the city's history over the years through old buildings, the center is a must-see.

There you can find the Cruz e Souza Palace, which was formerly the seat of the local government, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Casa da Alfândega, the former institution that regulated issues of port trade and is now a space for handicrafts.

Finally, the Public Market of Florianópolis offers restaurants where you can enjoy meals with fish and seafood.

Night life

If, after going to the beach or a day exploring the center, you want to enjoy the night, Floripa also has options for you.

One of the most famous is The Roof, a space located at the top of the luxurious Hotel Majestic that hosts sophisticated parties on Fridays. Inside the same place there is a Japanese-inspired restaurant called Black Sheep. The Roof usually fills up quickly, as it has a limitation on the number of people who can enter.

Another popular spot is Art 's Gastronomia e Música, a New York-inspired dining club. The menu - which is led by Peruvian chefs - mixes different options, such as pasta, meat, seafood, salads and vegetarian dishes, creating a diverse, eclectic and, of course, very tasty cuisine.

Finally, if you want to enjoy a happy hour or a pleasant evening in a modern, lively and extremely relaxed atmosphere, be sure to visit the recently opened Armazém Rita Maria, in the center of the city, which is open almost every day and features numerous gastronomic and alcoholic options. 


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