Crisis makes women seek the profession of call girl as a means of livelihood

Escorts website points out that the number of girls interested in the profession in Santa Catarina almost tripled!

Florianopolis, SC (November 15): The escort website Paradise Girl, founded in Florianópolis, registers an increase of 180% (2,8x) of girls seeking information on how to start in the profession. In May, the article entitled “Complete guide to being a luxury escort” recorded 56 hits in Santa Catarina. In August, 3 months later, the same page registered 157 hits.

Crisis makes women seek the profession of call girl as a means of livelihood

In the same period, the site registered an 85% increase in the number of girls registered on the platform. The article already has 106 comments, and highlights the desperate situation of some girls:

“Hi, I am 24 years old and unfortunately I have a lot of study, but I was limited by my marriage to practice my profession and now because of this pandemic everything is complicated for me.”

“I am 23 years old, and I have a daughter. I really need a job. Due to pregnancy, I have imperfections, but I am interested.”

“For lack of money I go through a lot of humiliation, I'm thinking about becoming a GP (call girl).”

According to the website, the article does not encourage entry into the profession, but it helps girls to start independently, without depending on pimps, and with less exposure to COVID19, as it informs about work options that avoid crowding in clubs and nightclubs.

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paradise girl is an escort advertisement website founded by Pedro Albuquerque, graduated in Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina. The site also has the largest blog on the subject, and promises to be the Uber of this market, offering greater security and formality for customers and companions.

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