7 Tips on What to Do in Florianópolis During the Week

Ilha da Magia is a charming city full of activities to do throughout the year. In recent years, it has become a destination for many tourists, both Brazilian and foreign, but also for new digital workers. After all, Florianópolis offers, in addition to beautiful beaches, trails, vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine, a very functional urban structure.

Technology professionals, journalists, content creators, investors who profit from rising bitcoin value, among other professionals, find the city a great place to live and work. If you're one of those who just arrived at Ilha da Magia, we've separated some tips on what to do on your free days.

Walk along the North Seaside

One of the main avenues in Florianópolis, the North Seaside offers a beautiful view of the bay and is ideal for a walk, run or bike ride. The waterfront has spaces for picnics, playgrounds and sports courts. It's a great place to work out, relax, or watch the sunset on weekdays.

Visit the Public Market

The Florianópolis Public Market, located in the center of the city, is a must-see and great tourist spot to visit during the week. The market offers a wide variety of products, such as handicrafts, food, spices and typical items from the region. Take the opportunity to try the traditional shrimp sequence and learn a little more about the local culture.

Discover the Historical Museum of Santa Catarina

The Historical Museum of Santa Catarina, located in the Cruz e Sousa Palace, offers a rich collection of the history and culture of the state. A visit to the museum is a great option for rainy days or for those who want to learn more about the history of Santa Catarina. During the week, the place is usually quieter, providing a more pleasant experience.

Explore the southern beaches of the island

The beaches in the south of the island, such as Campeche, Armação and Pântano do Sul, are great options for enjoying nature and relaxing during the week. They are generally quieter and less crowded than the northern beaches. Take the opportunity to practice water sports, such as surfing and Stand up paddle, or just to contemplate the beauty of the landscape.

Hike in Lagoa do Peri

Lagoa do Peri is an environmental preservation area that houses a beautiful freshwater lagoon and several trails. The best-known trail leads to Cachoeira da Gurita, a refreshing waterfall perfect for a dip. During the week, it is possible to enjoy the natural beauties of the place with greater tranquility.

Attend cultural events and live performances

Florianópolis has a diverse cultural and artistic scene, and many events and presentations take place during the week. Keep an eye on the programming of theaters, cultural centers and alternative spaces, which offer dance, theater, music and exhibitions. Some options include Teatro Álvaro de Carvalho (TAC), Centro Integrado de Cultura (CIC) and Casa de Noca, known for its samba performances and Brazilian popular music.

Discover the magic of living on the Island!

Florianópolis offers several activities to do during the week, whether to relax, get to know the local culture or simply enjoy the exuberant nature of the island. With the tips presented in this article, you will be able to make the most of your time in Florianópolis and discover everything this beautiful city has to offer.

Remembering, don't forget to plan your itinerary in advance, check the opening hours of the places and follow the recommended safety and hygiene measures, so that you have a pleasant and safe experience in Ilha da Magia.


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