An internationally recognized short from Santa Catarina premieres in Florianópolis this Saturday (25)

After going through 14 festivals, “O Prazer é Todo Meu” will be shown in the CIC cinema room; the event will be attended by the team involved in the production

After winning over audiences at 14 festivals in Brazil and abroad, the film "The pleasure is all mine" will have its first session in Florianópolis. With the presence of the team involved in the production, the screening will be on Saturday (25), at 19pm, in the cinema room of the Integrated Culture Center (CIC). Written and directed by Vanessa Sandre, the short film combines sensitivity and touches of humor to explore female sexuality in old age. 

The session in Florianópolis is part of the program of V Transforma - Santa Catarina Diversity Film Festival. The event will be attended by members of the production team. Tickets are free and must be collected online

With around 19 minutes, "O Prazer é Todo Meu" presents the story of Amélia, a retired woman who lives a peaceful life and has a stable marriage that has lasted more than five decades. One day, she ends up realizing that she has never experienced the sensation of having an orgasm. So, Amélia then begins a journey of self-knowledge in search of her own pleasure. In this tone, the narrative mixes elements of drama and comedy. 

The protagonist was played by Margarida Baird, an actress and playwright with decades of experience and who has collected roles in Santa Catarina cinema, in addition to being the founder of the theater group "Teatro Sim... Why not?!!" and the Teodora Artistic Circle.

Produced by V Films, the film has a strong connection with Florianópolis. The project was included in the notice of the Catarina Film Award, in 2019, organized by the Catarinense Culture Foundation. 

After the instability of the pandemic, filming took place in the capital of Santa Catarina, in 2022. Months later, the production was completed, and since then, it has been selected for several festivals. 

More information about both the short film and the Transforma festival can be found on the website:

National and international prestige

The official premiere of the film took place on October 7th, in the United States, during the Bread & Roses Film Festival, in New Jersey. On the same day, the short was shown on 7th Muriaé Film Festival, in Minas Gerais — where the protagonist, Margarida Baird, was awarded the Best Actress trophy. The short also received the Best Film award at the Olhar Brasilis exhibition at the Curta Santos Festival — an award held last Sunday (19).

In addition to its national prestige, the film continues to be shown abroad. This is because the production was selected for three festivals in Spain: the 35th Girona Film Festival: XXII Almería International Film Festival and the 7th CityBlue Films Festival, in Vigo.

Another highlight is passing through the 31st edition of the festival mix brazil, which took place in São Paulo this November. The event is considered the largest LGBTQIAP+ festival in Latin America, covering cinema, literature, theater and music. 

Vanessa Sandre, director of the short - credit: Natalia Petrechen
About the director

Vanessa Sandre is a screenwriter, director, producer and actress. With more than 14 years of experience in the audiovisual area, she has a Bachelor's degree in Cinema and a Master's degree in Literature with a focus on Feminism and Gender Studies, both from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). As a screenwriter and director, she wrote the short fiction films “Nuvem” (2014) and “O Prazer é Todo Meu” (2023). Her work is driven by a desire to explore narratives from underrepresented voices in film through a feminist, intersectional, and decolonial perspective. 

Team involved

In addition to writing and directing "O Prazer é Todo Meu", Vanessa Sandre was also responsible for producing the short. Alongside her, in executive production, was Adriano Rocha. In addition to them, the project included the photography direction of Michele Diniz, art direction signed by Dicezar Leandro and assembly and finishing carried out by Ananda Torres. The soundtrack was composed by Leonardo Aquinas, While Guy Wenger was responsible for the editing and sound mixing processes.

The cast included Daisy Baird (as Amelia), Arly Arnaud (Adelaide) Elianne Carpes (sexologist) and Luiz Carlos Conti (like Otto).

Transform Festival

Held since 2018, Transforma is the first film festival in Santa Catarina focused on short and feature films with a focus on sexual diversity, gender identities and LGBTQI+ culture.


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