Paradise in Rio is waiting for you!


We have a proposal for you: gather your family and friends and set out together on an exciting adventure to discover the coast of Rio de Janeiro! What do you mean, you don't have a boat?

This, nowadays, is no longer a problem, as you can always make a rent a boat quickly and easily to make the trip of your dreams. 

For this, you can count on Scansail, a company that has several boats available for rent from the north to the south of Brazil - find out how everything works!

What exactly is Scansail?

Think of Scansail like the Uber or Airbnb of boats. Therefore, it is a boat rental platform, which allows boat owners to place their vehicles for rent. To do so, they must share various information on the website: from photographs to the price and even details about the type of boat (size, if it has bedrooms and bathrooms on board, how many people can go on board, etc.).

When interested users search Scansail, they only need to do a search indicating:

  1. The place
  2. Booking dates (yes, you can book for more than one day) 
  3. Type of boat 

After that, you will find the various options available and can filter according to various factors, from budget to boat power and much more. You'll find that you can get a boat rental really, really easy!

Scansail just facilitates the whole process, ensuring reliable and transparent payments afterwards, benefiting both parties.

What types of boat are available?

As we mentioned earlier, when searching, you must define the type of vessel you want to travel on. After all, depending on the type of boat, prices also vary - as you can imagine, the price of the rent a sailboat it will not be the same whether you opt for a yacht or a speedboat. Check, then, the type of boats available:

  • Boats
  • Semi-rigid
  • sailboats
  • catamarans
  • Schooners
  • jet sks
  • Floating houses
  • yachts

Where is Scansail located?

You will easily find vessels in all ports in Brazil. 

But especially for you who are interested in the coast of Rio de Janeiro, we have some tips for your trip to be even more unforgettable!

To begin with, if you choose to rent a boat in Rio, be sure to take a tour of the city's coast. Being able to admire the Marvelous City from the other side and from another perspective can be, in fact, very exciting. And if it's during sunset it will definitely be even more special!

In addition to Rio, there are also incredible places nearby that we recommend you visit. We are talking, of course, about Angra dos Reis, Arraial do Cabo, Ilha Grande or Búzios.

By boat these destinations are even more inviting, as you can enjoy diving and sunbathing away from the crowds, just in the company of your family and/or friends - sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Also take advantage of the tour to go snorkeling and for a meal by the sea. Whether it's a day or more, we're sure you'll love the experience and soon you'll be using Scansail again!


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