For those who live in Floripa: how to avoid sea air damage to your car

Do you know how to prevent sea air damage to your car? So it's time to learn, especially if you live in Florianópolis or any other coastal city.

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It is important to learn how to protect your car from sea air damage because it can cause serious damage to various parts of the vehicle.

The lightest damage involves rusting the bodywork and other metal parts of the car, but the problems can go deeper than that. For example, salt spray can cause the fuel filter to overload, which allows a lot of dirt to accumulate in the engine and shorten its life.

Another serious risk is a breakdown in the electrical circuits of the brake, which can cause accidents and cost lives.

So, see below how to prevent damage from the sea air for those who live in Florianópolis!

Be careful where you park your car in Floripa

Answer quickly: is your car in an indoor or outdoor garage? If it's the second option, you're already causing serious damage to your car.

That's because the sea air is nothing more than droplets of water with salt, sand or debris that are carried by the sea to the city. That is: while your car is uncovered, the wind carries these small droplets to it.

This means that, at this very moment, your car is suffering serious damage that could have dire consequences.

Therefore, the best possible strategy to protect your car is to park it indoors. Thus, you guarantee that while the car is stopped, it has its exposure to the sea air reduced to the maximum.

Bet on automotive paint with sealants

One of the main problems caused by the sea air is the oxidation of the car's bodywork. In addition to aesthetic problems (the paint peels and the car looks ugly in general), this still brings structural problems.

After all, an oxidized bodywork is more fragile and likely to worsen the situation in an accident. A single hit can turn into something fatal.

To avoid all this, it is important to use a automotive paint with sealants, which protect the paint and the car body from the salt water effect of the sea air.

The process is not difficult to do. Just look for one mechanic shop in Florianopolis to do the job at a fair price.

Wash your car often to avoid sea damage.

Even with auto sealant paint, it's important that you personally take care of your vehicle at least every two weeks.

That means taking a morning to wash your car thoroughly, starting from the outside and working your way up to the inside.

On the outside, use buckets of clean fresh water, soft sponges, and a mild or specialized car detergent. Thoroughly scrub every part of the car, including the tires and wheels.

As they are very exposed, especially to sand, they can accumulate a lot of damage and wear out easily. Without washing them often, you could end up going to a tire store in Florianópolis sooner than you think.

After washing the outside, vacuum the inside of the car and, if possible, use a damp cloth to clean the ceiling and upholstery.

Don't forget to wax and polish the car every 2 or 3 months. These products create a protective layer over the paint that helps to minimize damage from salt spray.

Buy a protective cover for your car

Suppose you don't even have a place to park your car. The garage at home is open and so is the garage at work. 90% of the day, the car is exposed to the sea air. What to do?

A good solution is to buy a waterproofing cover sold in specialized stores. They are common in Florianópolis as they help protect the car from the effect of the sea air.

In addition to preventing damage from salt water, the covers also protect from sunlight, which is intense in summer.

Models with thermal protection prevent cars from becoming real ovens. It is possible that the internal temperature passes 50 degrees easily.

The protective cover helps not only to keep the car more comfortable, but also to protect internal parts such as the plastic dashboard or leather seats.

Perform frequent preventive maintenance

When you are in an area at risk for cars, such as Florianópolis because of the damage caused by the sea air, it is important to take extra care with your car.

Therefore, frequently mechanical workshop assiduously, so that professionals can identify the first signs of damage to your car to take the necessary corrective actions.

That way, you avoid being surprised by a serious and expensive problem in the future when you go through a simple overhaul.

So, did you learn how to face the damage of the sea air in Florianópolis?


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