Sommelier recommends wines for beginners

  Specialist gives tips on consumption and conservation for those who are starting to appreciate the drink. White or red? Dry or smooth? What are the best choices when starting out in the wine world? Decanter sommelier Sidney Lucas gives some tips. “There are no rules in this case, it all depends on taste and personal tastes. It is also important to consider the types of food eaten at meals, some can better harmonize with certain types of food.”, describes the expert. White Wines Fresh and light – As they are more acidic, they are ideal for the summer and can be consumed during the day. Paired with fish, chicken and pork in simple preparations. Recommended grape: Sauvignon Blanc. Suggestion: Las Moras Reserve Sauvignon Blanc. Medium-bodied to full-bodied – They are also perfect options for hot days and nights and provide more options for accompaniment. They combine with cheeses, pasta, risottos, pork and seafood in more intense flavor preparations. Drinks should be served in smaller glasses and kept in a bucket with ice or in the fridge. Recommended grape: Chardonnay. Suggestion: Meurgey Crosses BourgoneChardonnay. Red Wines Delicates – Perfect for those who are getting used to the flavors of dry, more intense wines, they are subtle and delicate wines that match the hottest days and can be served a little fresher than the other reds, but still not iced. They should be served in a slightly larger glass compared to those used for and pair very well with pasta, grilled meats and pizzas. Recommended grape: Pinot Noir. Suggestion: VillardPnotNoir Reserve Expression. Medium body – Ideal to be taken with meat, poultry and pasta dishes in recipes of medium intensity of flavor. Recommended grape: Cabernet Sauvignon. Suggestion: Domaine Crès Ricard Cabernet Sauvignon. Full-bodied – This wine has a strong and potent flavor. Beverages of this type tend to have a higher alcohol content and also greater aromatic intensity. Ideal to accompany intense recipes such as stews and game (boar, deer, lamb, paca). Recommended grapes: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec. Suggestion: Bodegas Muñoz and Luis Cañas Rioja Reserva Selección de La Familia. Choose “When choosing, it is worth measuring the situation: if the event is in the summer, opt for lighter reds or whites, if the temperatures are lower, prefer full-bodied reds or whites, preferably with passage in barrels”, indicates Sidney Lucas, sommelier at Decanter Blumenau. In the case of mixing different wines on the same occasion, consider the order: whites first, then rosés, reds, and lastly, the strongest. When it comes to flavor, choose dry wines first, then sweets, younger wines first, and older wines last. At the time of serving, only 1/3 of the glass should be filled and, so that the temperature of the drink is not altered, the ideal is to hold the glass only by the stem. Conservation The conservation must be done in cool places, without temperature variation. Once opened, wine should always be covered and stored in the fridge, with the bottle upright, so that the drink has less contact with the air. Whether white or red, after opening, they should be consumed within a maximum of 3 days. When serving a wine that has already been opened, take it out of the fridge for a while before consuming so that the temperature drops a little, in the case of a red wine. unnamed (1) Source (text and image) - Presse, Enoteca Decanter's Communications Department.  Publication - William S. Schütz.


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