Coworking in Florianópolis: discover some options!

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The job market has changed. There's not much to discuss about that. An increasing number of companies from all sectors are working in different work formats and with innovative and avant-garde processes. It is no wonder that the number of great Coworkings options in Florianópolis has increased considerably in recent times.

The city of Florianópolis has some of the main technology companies and startups from all segments in Brazil. It is not for nothing that the capital of Santa Catarina is known as the Island of Silicon, in reference to the famous Silicon Valley, home to the main US technology companies. Therefore, it is expected that the main work trends will be covered in the city.

In the new coronavirus pandemic, the coworking market managed to adapt and has become one of the best options for those who need a comfortable, equipped and comfortable space for work.

If you want to find a good place to work or find offices for your company in the city, you need to know the main options for coworking in Florianópolis. Read on to see some alternatives!


5 Coworking options in Florianopolis

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1. Favo Coworking

“We are leaving the era of individualism behind. Anyone who thinks about winning the marathon alone has not understood that the game is collective and collaborative. All goods that were acquired in the past generation are available for sharing: car (UBER) house/apartment (AIRBNB) boat, plane, office (Coworking), etc. Favo emerged from observing the organization of bees. Collective work, together and shared, produces a sweet and pleasant result”, comments Deyvidy Barreto, co-founder of honeycomb coworking.

Favo Coworking is one of the main shared work spaces in Florianópolis, located at Travessa Manoel Ramos de Souza, 100, Sala 201, in Ingleses. The place has coworking and private offices, in addition to a meeting room, auditorium, parcel and mail management and a tax address.

In addition to the rooms and physical structure, the place also has dedicated Wi-Fi, cable Internet, locker private, virtual desk, free coffee and many other benefits depending on the contracted plan.

Another benefit of Favo is its great location, accessible via the Armando Calil Bulos Highway or the João Gualberto Soares Highway.


2. Bedpan Cowork

Located at Avenida Madre Benvenuta, 1313, in Santa Monica, Comadre Cowork has a good offer of structure for a coworking space. In addition to the beautifully decorated rotating table and private rooms for 4, 8 or 16 people, the space also has well-equipped meeting rooms for 2 or 6 people and an auditorium for 15 people, with Wi-Fi, flipchart, pulpit and other equipment. necessary for anyone who needs to make a presentation, give a course or a lecture.

3. SoHo Center for Innovation and Technology

SoHo is a coworking space in Florianópolis located at Rua Desembargador Pedro Silva, 2958, in Coqueiros. Its coworking space has 720 meters and is capable of housing up to 120 workers at the same time. In addition to it, the place also has private rooms ranging from 27m² to 172m², an auditorium for up to 60 people with a camera for live transmission, sound system, stage and lighting, decompression spaces (hammocks, TV, games, books, etc.) and meeting and training rooms.

Among its facilities are individual lockers, Wi-Fi and optical fiber of up to 400 Mbps for users' devices and office facilities, such as machines for making copies, printing and scanning of documents.

4. HZ Coworking Space

HZ Coworking Space is one of the most traditional coworking spaces in Florianópolis, located at Avenida Rio Branco, 404, Edifício Planel Towers, Torre II, Sala 1.203. The company started its activities in 2002 and had an area of ​​60 m², including 2 office rooms and a meeting room for up to 6 people at the time. Today, however, HZ already has an area of ​​740 m² and even has a room with 40 workstations available for customers. In addition to rotating spaces, HZ also offers meeting rooms for 6 and 10 people, as well as auditoriums for 25, 45 and 100 people.

Outside the structure, HZ also offers a tax and business address for client companies, including tax benefits for those working in the e-commerce sector or importing companies.


5. Snails and Snails - Play Space and Family Coworking

Located at Avenida Afonso Delambert Neto, 103, in Lagoa da Conceição, this coworking space stands out for, in addition to offering space for work and meeting rooms, it also has space for events and even for children from 1 to 6 years old to play. To take care of the children, there are entertainers and a daily schedule of workshops, readings and time for free play. For those who have children and need a place to work, Caracóis e Caramujos is one of the best options.

These are 5 of the main coworking spaces in Florianópolis. They are not the only ones, of course, there are many other great options, but these are the 5 most used and that have the main structures for companies and professionals.


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