Unika Brewery is gold and silver in the Beer Cup in Porto Alegre

The Unika Brewery, which has a the brand's concept bar, on the terrace of Beiramar Shopping, won two prizes in the prestigious Copa das Cerjas POA, recognized as one of the two biggest contests on the national beer circuit.

image1Iillustrative image only. Source: Unika Bar press office

In the country of cachaça, people are drinking beer like never before, especially those handcrafted. In Greater Florianópolis, this movement has been intensified in recent years with the opening of microbreweries, offering special labels and gaining projection beyond borders. From Rancho Queimado, at the foot of the Serra do Rio do Rastro, is the factory of One-of-a-kind, which for two years has been developing exclusive recipes, living up to its name. With a flavor portfolio already established in the region, the brand was victorious in two categories in the second edition of Copa da Cerveja POA, an international event that brought together 300 breweries in Porto Alegre, from 15 Brazilian states and countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, United States, Paraguay and Uruguay.

In the Hazy Ales range of beers, Unika was recognized with the gold medal for the Australian Juicy IPA. Evaluated by the jury composed of international, national and regional exponents of the brewing segment, the label won over the technical staff of the contest, due to its more full-bodied and velvety recipe. Juicy, with a clean and short bitterness, it carries exaggerated doses of Australian hops, which enhance the mixture of passion fruit and pineapple aromas.

_ABM8939 Purely illustrative image of the Unika Vibora Double IPA beer bottle. Source: Unika Bar press office

With a very expressive score, the tasty Vibora was also decorated in the POA Beer Cup, taking the silver medal and being the only awarded in the American Double IPA style. With 8,5% alcohol content, this label is suitable for those who appreciate more potency and bitterness in their beer. Light in style, with an aroma of American hops, it stands out for its herbal notes and tropical fruits.

the brewery

unika brewery Image for illustrative purposes only. Source: Unika Bar press office

Unika formally started operating in 2014, in the region known as Mato Frances, in Rancho Queimado. Today, more than 15 types of beers are produced between low fermentation (from the German Lager school) and high (English, Belgian and American schools, such as Pale Ale). Operating at high capacity, 25 liters of beer are currently produced, which supply warehouses in the Greater Florianópolis region, and more recently the brand's concept bar, opened on the terrace of Beiramar Shopping.

Author of the publication - Willian Schütz Santos. Email: willianschutz@hotmail.com  


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