Brazilian Carnival Exhibition, by Nita Faces Brasil

The exhibition leads to space 30 works by Nita Martins (known as Nita Faces Brasil), in the acrylic on canvas technique. Some of them being unpublished, the works are all inspired by historical figures from the carnival marches that gave rise to the samba plot. The main objects are the characters' faces and carnival costumes in an intense mix of colors. 20180308_202209

Some of the works on display. 

First passing through the hall of the Bank BRDE, then by Castelmar HotelBrazilian Carnival rescues the old tradition of the classic marchinhas of the Brazilian carnival through the representation of the characters evoked in the songs. The vivid colors of the paintings painted with acrylic paint refer to the tropical climate. All with the characteristics and signature of Nita Faces. In addition to the canvases, the works are represented on personalized mugs. "What exists in relation to our history cannot be erased. Especially our carnival" - Nita's words, commenting on the importance of the historical rescue and the cultural representation that the Brazilian carnival has. And she ends by saying: "My brand is 'Nita Faces Brasil' because I represent, I portray the faces of Brazil - the black, the mulatto, the blonde, the Indian... I work the profile of our Brazilian people through our faces". The works, as they are representations of marchinhas that were, as well as continue to be, very popular, awaken memories in the visitors of the show who have already sung and danced them on days of carnival joy. "There is no one who doesn't know. Like, Chiquita Bacana, there is no one who doesn't know; the Índio Quer Apito, no one who doesn't know; Maria Sapatão no one who doesn't know, and so on". And complete: "There are people who went to my exhibitions and cried remembering Carnival".  


 From left to right are the works White Flag and Bebo, sim. 

The artist, who has a degree in Philosophy from the Federal University of Santa Maria, also attended two years of Arts at the University. Artistic creation, however, only took place when she came to Florianópolis, where she was very successful, and some of her canvases went abroad. Another series of works that Nita has is the Bar table, which is inspired by the stories lived by the artist throughout her career - since, before entering the gallery environment, she used to sell the works she produced at bars all over Brazil. Nita also teaches the workshop on Thematic Masks in Parque da Luz, working with the rescue of organic materials left in the park, transforming them into art through painting. The masks are displayed in Parque da Luz itself, which is close to the Hotel Castelmar, in downtown Florianópolis. The satisfaction shown by the artist, who mentions the great acceptance of the public that has already visited the exhibition, is clear. And she goes further, saying that one of her current goals with the exhibition of her works on Brazilianness is to introduce tourists to the multiple Brazilian faces through her painting. And that's what Nita Faces Brasil is doing: awakening memories, telling and retelling stories using Brazilian faces. Text: William S. Schütz. Photos: William S. Schütz.    


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