Children's Party organized by SAMU in Palhoça.

October 12, the date on which Children's Day is celebrated, was more than special for the little people of Palhoça, in 2017. community in the Nova Palhoça region, where the SAMU headquarters are located. In fact, the party took place right on the outskirts of the headquarters. It was a Thursday when the fun rewarded all the efforts of the organizers. front

Place where the event took place: in front of the SAMU headquarters in Palhoça. 

For everything to work out, it took a lot of commitment and solidarity. In addition to the business supporters in the region, who donated from food, to toys for the children, and even a bicycle for a raffle to be held, the employees of the local SAMU guild also gave as much effort as possible. And such commitment was shared, above all, by the family members of the employees involved in the cause - these who worked voluntarily to make the event fully successful.   Overview

Children and family enjoyed the party. The kids played a lot with the toys assembled there. 

There were plenty of games to be played: in addition to the community park in that locality, which had been voluntarily revitalized by SAMU employees, they also had very fun attractions - the traditional bouncy castle and ball pool ensured that the kids got even more excited. The rainy weather didn't detract from the fun at all. And so that the fun didn't stop after the party, toys were finally distributed to the children present. The fun, moreover, came in a different way, and quite didactic: some of the employees organized a very special kind of class on first-aid procedures. Those present watched the entire process closely. A very cool and didactic way to teach the rescue process in emergencies. class

A very special lesson: small class organized for children to understand the emergency rescue process.

The treats so loved by the children could not be missing either: popcorn, sodas, hot dogs, candies and lollipops were distributed, and sweet smiles appeared on the children's faces. In addition, the food left over at the end of the event will be distributed to charities. In fact, the parents and children smiled, knowing that everything that happened was done with great care and determination. team

The team involved in organizing the event. 

The event was a success, non-profit, and without state aid. Those involved captivated and were captivated by the little and big souls, by the little and big smiles who enjoyed the party - perhaps the first of many, a rewarding social experiment. Text and photographs: William S. Schütz.      


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